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イギリス 核軍縮キャンペーン(CND)から2018年原水爆禁止国民平和大行進出発式へのメッセージ

左:ケイト・ハドソン CND事務局長 右:ブルース・ケント CND副会長

イギリス 核軍縮キャンペーン(CND)から2018年原水爆禁止国民平和大行進の出発式へのメッセージが届きました(4月17日受領)。以下、全文を紹介します。

イギリス 核軍縮キャンペーン(CND)からの平和行進出発式へのメッセージ






ケイト・ハドソン CND事務局長

ブルース・ケント CND副会長


The Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament is delighted to send greetings to the 2018 Nationwide Peace March in Japan. We pay tribute to your energy and determination to eradicate all nuclear weapons and we recognise your global leadership in the struggle for peace.

This year is the 60thanniversary of the First Aldermaston March in 1958 – and also of the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament itself.

CND in its early years was inextricably linked to the social radicalisation of the time. The early Aldermaston marches, to the Atomic Weapons Establishment in Berkshire, represented microcosms of post-war, post-colonial Britain, articulating both widespread popular dissent and the social rebellion of the youth of the time. In many respects it was through the early mobilisations of the anti-nuclear movement that the radical politics of what were to become the new social movements were first expressed.

Our core objective, of UK nuclear disarmament, remains as yet unfulfilled. But it is clear in retrospect how CND’s campaigning – and that of its international partners – has affected government policy and decision-making, both at home and internationally. Reading government documents and diaries years later, one can see how the pressure of public opinion and mass mobilisation really does have an impact, and each generation of CND has played a part in that. The banning of nuclear tests in the atmosphere is one very important example; another is the abandoning of the neutron bomb (designed to kill people while leaving property intact) or Nixon’s pulling back from using nukes on Vietnam. Above all, we have helped instil a sense, in the popular consciousness – and thereby in that of our political leaders – that use of nuclear weapons would be a catastrophe, an unthinkable tragedy.

We will continue to march and to campaign until all nuclear weapons have been eradicated.

This is our just cause – the cause of humanity – and we will prevail.


Kate Hudson – General Secretary CND

Bruce Kent – Vice-President CND

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