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平和教育構築運動 フィリピン



I am A.G. Saño, I am a Filipino, Believer of Peace, Advocate of Peace.



At a very young age, I witnessed what political conflicts can do to a country, and its people. My father, mother and some of my aunts and uncles were political prisoners during the dark years of Martial Law.



The violence that came with this conflict, whether done on purpose or not, Whether with reason or none, is something that would last forever in the hearts and minds of its victims.



In recent years, painting around the country, I found myself deep within the war zones of southern Philippines. I taught art to kids, some of them children of rebels. I painted on walls with the communities and discovered that even in places of darkness, there will always be light.



Light comes in the form of people who desire and work for peace. I learned that peace is not necessarily present in the absence of war but in everything we do.



Peace can be achieved if we walk together in a single direction and collaborate for a meaningful future where respect is prevalent .



Today I stand as an artist for peace. Today I talk as a witness of hope.



I am A.G. Saño, I am an artist, a teacher of art, an advocate of peace.

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