2022 March 1 Bikini Day Events Poster

2022 March 1 Bikini Day Events

(Online, February 28 & March 1, 2022)


Achieving a world without nuclear weapons with the TPNW as leverage;

Japan should sign and ratify the TPNW without delay;

Exposing the damage of the atomic bombing, Bikini test and the Pacific and strengthening support & solidarity with the victims

Part I: 2022 Bikini Day Gensuikyo National Conference

Date & Time: 13:00 – 14:30, Monday, February 28, 2022
Hosted by: Japan Council against A and H Bombs (Gensuikyo)

Concept note:

The National Conference will become a starting point of this year’s movement towards the First Meeting of State Parties to the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons (TPNW), the NPT Review Conference and the World Conference against A and H Bombs in August. Through discussing and deepening the 2022 action plan, the participants will renew their determination to develop the nationwide movement focusing on the signature campaign and national mobilization for the Japanese government’s accession to the TPNW and the advance of the abolition of nuclear weapons. Given the re-surging of the pandemic, the entire program has moved online.


Greetings on behalf of the organizer: Representative Director, Gensuikyo

Keynote address: YASUI Masakazu, Secretary General, Gensuikyo

Forum with Overseas Delegates:Simultaneous Interpretation (Japanese-English) provided

“With the TPNW as Leverage, Let Us Create a World without Nuclear Weapons”

Concept Note:

We are encouraged by the news that Germany, major NATO members with US nuclear weapons deployed, decided to join the First Meeting of State Parties to the TPNW. Nuclear weapon states are driven into a corner, On the other hand, however, nuclear powers’ hegemonic rivalries are intensified as seen in US-China confrontation in Asia and the Ukraine crisis. Recently North Korea has conducted missile tests. With threats from North Korea and China being fueled, military buildup and strengthening of military alliance are promoted. Taking up what is happening in the world, we will discuss how we can achieve a nuclear-free peaceful Asia and world.

Panelists :

Joseph Gerson (Campaign for Peace, Disarmament and Common Security, U.S.A.) Joseph Gerson (Campaign for Peace, Disarmament and Common Security, U.S.A.) Marion Küpker Marion Kuepker (German Fellowship of Reconciliation, Germany) Lee Jun Kyu (Researcher, Hanshin University, ROK) Lee Jun Kyu (Researcher, Hanshin University, ROK)

Coordinator: TSUCHIDA Yayoi (Assistant General Secretary, Gensuikyo)

Reports by Japanese grass-roots activists

Singing Voice of Japan

Part II: Panel Discussion: “For a Japan taking the lead in theprohibition and elimination of nuclear weapons”

Date & Time: 14:30 - 15:30, Monday, February 28, 2022
Co-hosted by: Organizing Committee of the World Conference against A & H Bombs and Shizuoka Organizing Committee of the March 1st Bikini Day Rally


  • WADA Masako (Nihon Hidankyo)
  • NAKANO Koichi (Political scientist/ Sophia University)
  • KASAI Akira (Member of the House of Councilors/ Japanese Communist Party)
  • TAKEMOTO Masahiro (Environmentalist)
  • NAKAMURA Ryoka
  • Coordinator: MAEKAWA Shiro, Gensuikyo

*Presentations by the panelists will be followed by Q & A and chat comments.

68th Anniversary 2022 March 1st Bikini Day Rally

Date & Time: 13:00-15:30, Tuesday, March 1, 2022
Co-hosted by: Organizing Committee of the World Conference against A & H Bombs
Shizuoka Organizing Committee of the March 1st Bikini Day Rally

Part I: 13:00-13:52

Opening movie

Greetings on behalf of the Organizer: ISHIHARA Yosuke, President of Shizuoka A-Bomb Survivors

Association/ Shizuoka Organizing Committee

Greetings by Guests:

Ambassador Alexander Kmentt, Director of the Disarmament, Arms Control Proliferation Department , Austrian Ministry for European and International Affairs/Chair-designate of the First Meeting of States Parties to the TPNW

Ambassador Alexander Kmentt

(Simultaneous interpretation Japanese-English provided)

Mayor of Yaizu City

Japan Confederation of A-and H-Bomb Sufferers Organizations (Nihon Hidankyo)

Presentation of Messages: Mayors of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Governor of Shizuoka Prefecture,

President of Shizuoka University and others

Keynote Report: Organizing Committee of the World Conference against A and H Bombs

Part II: 13:52-15:30

Cultural Program: Latin Jazz performance by KOJIMA Taro (piano) and KAYAHARA Rikako (flute)

Panel Discussion:

Simultaneous Interpretation (Japanese-English) provided.

“Current Situation and Relief of the Victims of the Atomic Bombing and Bikini Nuclear Tests”

Concept Note:

Japanese people have suffered from the US H-bomb test conducted at Bikini Atoll in the Marshall Islands in 1954. Following the damage and after-effects of the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The recent ruling on the “black rain” damage revealed that the A-bomb damage had been underestimated and many victims had been unattended without being admitted as the Hibakusha. They had to prove their damage by themselves and had filed lawsuits, but they have been turned down. Even nearly 77 years after the A-bombing, the real damage is not disclosed yet and the Hibakusha remain unattended. This situation itself is inhumane. In addition, the damage of Korean victims, who were forced to bring to Japan under its colonialism, have been neglected without full investigation, any relief measures and compensation. In spite of inflicting enormous damage to all over the world, the real damage of the Bikini test has been covered up and the Japanese and Marshallese victims have been abandoned without relief measures and compensation. By making clear these atrocious facts, this panel will reveal inhumanity of nuclear weapons and appeal that nuclear weapons must never be used again.


  1. “Historic significance of the High Court decision on the “Black Rain”Lawsuit and our task ahead”
  2. TAKEMORI Masahiro, General Secretary, Legal counsel for the Black Rain plaintiffs

  3. “Real damage from Nagasaki A-bombing, relief of the survivors and unsolved problems”
  4. YAMAMOTO Seiichi, General Secretary,Nagasaki Association for expansion of recognized A-bomb areas

  5. “Present situation and relief of Korean A-bomb survivors and unsolved issues”
  6. SPARK, Korea

Bikini Tests

  1. “Real damage of nuclear tests in the Pacific and challenges today”
  2. NOGUCHI Kunikazu, Co-Chair, Organizing Committee of the World Conference against A and H Bombs

  3. “Damage and suffering from Bikini H-bomb tests, relief and support for the victims and unsolved issues” by Kochi fishermen’s group
  4. “Real damage of Bikini nuclear tests in the Marshall Islands and current problems”
  5. Prof. Ivana Nikolic Hughes, Columbia University, USA

    Ivana Nikolic Hughes | K=1 Project

Adoption of the Appeal of the 68th March 1 Bikini Day Rally

Closing remarks