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2020 World Conference against A and H Bombs (online)

Proposed Campaigns and Activities for the Success of the 2020 World Conference against A and H Bombs (online)

56th General Meeting, Organizing Committee

  1. Let us build up greater cooperation for a total ban and elimination of nuclear weapons on the past achievements, expanding people’s voices and actions and creating new outreach and links. Even in the midst of various difficulties caused by the COVID-19, we call on you to solicit support and participation in the 2020 World Conference against A and H Bombs (online) and promote the signature campaign in support of the Appeal of the Hibakusha (online) for the elimination of nuclear weapons.
  2. On May 6, the Nationwide Peace March started online. Through the webcast of the “Weekly Online of the Peace March” every Friday, we will gather the voices of the grass-roots movement across Japan and internationally and bring them together to the World Conference on August 6 and 9. Let us urge all municipal governments to endorse the Peace March through signing on the ribbons to express their support, and request them to adopt local assembly resolutions urging the Japanese government to sign and ratify the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons.
  3. Learning and informing the people of the damage and aftereffects of the atomic bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki is the basics of the movement against A and H Bombs. Let us invite local authorities, education boards, various local organizations/groups as well as media to support people’s activities to hold meetings to hear Hibakusha’s testimonies and exhibitions of A-bomb photos and paintings. In the lead up to the Peace Wave actions in August, let us send many sets of photos depicting the tragedy of the atomic bombing to grass-roots peace groups around the world.
  4. Convening of the 2020 World Conference against A and H Bombs (online) will be a new challenge to open a new page in human history. To take on the challenge with confidence, it is essential for us in the movement to learn and increase knowledge about many issues related to nuclear weapons. Let us make use of a booklet “For a Nuclear Weapon-Free World” soon to be published to hold online lectures, mini study meetings and other creative forms for learning.

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