2004 World Conference against A & H Bombs

the International Meeting
2004 World Conference against A & H Bombs
Aug. 2-4, 2004, Hiroshima

August 2 (Mon.)
Opening Session (2:00 - 3:00)

Appointment of chairpersons
Introduction of government and overseas delegates
Address of the Organizer
- Sawada Shoji: Professor emeritus, Nagoya University/Hibakusha Greeting of guest
- Konishi Satoru: Deputy Secretary General, Japan Confederation of A & H Bomb Suffers Organizations (NIHON HIDANKYO)
Messages from Heads of Governments

Plenary Session I (3:00 - 5:30)

Prospects for the Abolition of Nuclear Weapons
Introductory Speeches:
- Hussein Haniff: Ambassador of Malaysia to Austria/ Permanent Representative of Malaysia to the United Nations in Vienna
- Luis Alfonso De Alba: Permanent Representative of Mexico to the United Nations in Geneva
- Christopher Weeramantory: President, International Association of Lawyers against Nuclear Arms (IALANA)/ Former Vice-President, International Court of Justice
- Joseph Gerson: Director of Programs and Director of the Peace and Economic Security Program, American Friends Service Committee (AFSC)
- Asai Motofumi, Professor, Meiji Gakuin University, JAPAN
Questions & Answers and Discussion

Reference Paper
Kostas Konstantinidis : Major Gen. (Ret), Journalist-Author, Greece

Plenary Session II (5:45 - 7:00)

Actions for a World without Nuclear Weapons and without War
Introductory Speeches:
- Alice Slater: President, Global Resource Action Center for the Environment (GRACE)/ Abolition 2000
- Lee Kyeong Ju: Peoplefs Solidarity for Participatory Democracy (PSPD), REPUBLIC of KOREA
- Niu Qiang: Secretary General, Chinese Peoplefs Association for Peace and Disarmament (CPAPD)
- Sukla Sen, National Coordination Committee Member, Coalition for Nuclear Disarmament and Peace, INDIA
- Paola Manduca, Italian Anti-War Coalition
- Kumagai Kanemichi: President, National Confederation of Trade Unions (ZENROREN)
Questions & Answers and Discussion

August 3 (Tue.)

Plenary Session II (Continued 9:00 - 10:00)
- Mohamed Ezz El Din: Assistant Minister of Foreign Affairs for Multilateral Relations, The ARAB REPUBLIC of EGYPT

Special Session in Solidarity with the Hibaksha and Nuclear Victims in the World (10:40 - 12:30)

- Eldon Note: Mayor, Bikini Atoll Local Government, MARSHALL ISLANDS
- Maynard Alfred: Senator representing Ailuk Atoll, MARSHALL ISLANDS
- Channa Basavaiah Madapathi: National Committee Member, Anti-Uranium Mining Alliance, INDIA
- Lukina Tatyana Aleksandrovna: International Anti-Nuclear Movement gNevada-Semeyh, KAZAKHSATAN
- Milya Kavirova: Chairperson, Chelyabinsk Nuclear Victims Organization gAigulh, RUSSIA
- Choi Il Chul: Former President, Korean Atomic Bomb Casualty Association, REPUBLIC of KOREA
- Shimo Sachiko: Director, San Francisco Branch, American A-bomb Victims Association
- Shigezumi Sumio: Head of the Plaintiff Group of the Concerted Lawsuits for the Recognition of A-bomb Disease, Hiroshima
Questions & Answers and Discussion

Workshops (2:30 - 6:00)

Workshop 1: Prospects and Tasks for Achieving the Abolition of Nuclear Weapons-Towards the 2005 NPT Review Conference and the 60th Anniversary of the Atomic Bombing
Workshop 2: Grass-roots Actions for a World without Nuclear Weapons and without War
Workshop 3: Solidarity with the Hibakusha and the Nuclear Victims in the World

August 4 (Wed.)
Closing Session (10:00 - 11:30)

Introduction of overseas delegates who have arrived late
Reports from the workshops (10 mints.x 3 )
- Noguchi Kunikazu: Secretary General of Japan Scientists Association
Proposal of the Draft of the Conference Declaration for adoption/ Discussion of the Draft
- Chairperson of the Drafting Committee

Closing Remark
- Akamatsu Koichi: Representative Director, Japan Council against A & H Bombs (GENSUIKYO)


Plenary Sessions
- Corazon Fabros: Secretary General, Nuclear Free-Philippines Coalition/ Chair, Pacific Concerns Resouce Center (PCRC)
- Ole Kopleitan: Secretary General, No to Nuclear Weapons, NORWAY
- Pierre Villard: Co-President, Mouvement de la Paix, FRANCE
- Horie Yuri: Executive Committee member, Womenfs International Democratic Federation (WIDF)/ President, Japan Federation of Womenfs Organizations (FUDANREN)
- Chisaka Jun: Secretary General, Japan Peace Committee
- Nishikawa Ikuya: Vice-President, National Confederation of Trade Unions (ZENROREN)
- Kondo Natsuko: Vice-President, Democratic Youth League of Japan


Members of Drafting Committee:
Anzai Ikuro: Professor, Ritsumeikan University
Hiroshi Taka: Secretary General, Japan Council against A & H Bombs (GENSUIKYO)
Akifuji Yoko: Executive Board member, GENSUIKYO
Tomita Hiroshi: Professor, Kansai Gakuin University
Chisaka Jun: Secretary General, Japan Peace Committee
Takahashi Kazue: Vice-President, New Japan Womenfs Association (SHIN-FUJIN)
Nishikawa Ikuya: Vice-President, National Confederation of Trade Unions (ZENROREN)
Kawata Tadaaki: Board of Directors, Japan Peace Committee
Noguchi Kunikazu: Deputy Secretary General, Japan Scientists Association
Ohkoshi Kazuro: Representative Director, Hiroshima Council against A & H Bombs
Ohya Masato: Professor, Nagasaki Sogo University


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