Message from over the world for this campaign [2004-11-17]

Thank you so much for sendig us so many signatures from over the world!!
So many oganizations and individuals are now collecting signatures in addition to below list. [11/11/2004]

Australia 2808 signetures  
  Medical Association for Prevention of War
Ms. Judy Blyth / Executive Officer
  The Greens
Ms. Lee Rhiannon Mlc
  Australian Peace Committee  
  People for Nuclear Desarmament Environment House  
  Ms. Tomoko Hughes  
  Mr. Jack Sennet  
NZ 144 signatures  
  Greenpeace New Zealand
Ms. Margaret Crozier / Exective Director
  Janacia Trust Associates for Universal World Harmony  
Fiji 8 signatures  
Sri Lanka 22 signatures  
  Sri Lanka Buddist Congress
Mr. Alujjage Don Premalal Ranasinghe
  Mr. P.H.Dayawansa  
  Balakrishnan Sandanam  
Nepal 144 signatures  
  Committee for Peace
ActionSurya Lal / President
Bangladeah 8 signatures  
Man for Mankind
India 10466 signatures  
  All India Peace & Solidarity Organisation. India
Mr. Narayana Rao / General Secretary
World Federation of Trade Unions
Mr. H. Mahadevan / General Secretary


34 signatures  
  Lao Women's Union  
Lao Front for National Conrtruction
  Lao People's Revolutionary Youth Union  
  Lao Federation of Trade Unions  
China 8 signatures  
Korea 34 signatures  
  Mr. Choi Il Chul  
Philippines 10 signatures  
  People's Task Force for Bases Clean Up Philippines
Mr. Bobby Drapiza / Board Member
Russian Federation 82 signatures  
  Mr. Minoru Tagawa  


United States of America 1568 signatures  
  Mr. Milton andrews  
Ms. Ana Lachelier
  A.N.S.W.E.R. Coalition  
  Mr. Joseph Kane  
  Ms. Marion Maxson  
  Mrs. Sarah G. Raschi  
  Working AssetsMr. Gabriel Falsetta  
  Ms. Martha Acevedo  
  Mr. Larry Campbell  
  Broward Citizens for Peace & Justice  
  Global Resource Action Center for the EnvironmentMs. Alice Slater  
  Amrican Friends Service CommitteeDr. Joseph Gerson / Program Coodinater  
  Mr. Tony Mitre  
Canada 680 signatures  
  Ms. Mary Ellen Francoeur  
Ms. Brydon Gombay
  Veterans Against Nuclear Arms
Mr. Edmund Livingstone/President of Vancouver
  Conscience Canada  
  Mr. Mark Royea  
  Ms. Dorothy Goldin rosenberg  
Guatemala 18 signatures  
Dr. Carlos Vassaux CH.
Mexico 9 signatures  
Latain American Circle for International Studies(LACIS)
Luis Gutierrez-Esparza / President
Switzerland 8 signatures  
Austria 70 signatures  
Hiroshima Group Vienna
Belgium 7 signatures  
Council for human rights and Religious Liberty
Prof. Dr. Frrancis Dessart/International President
France 138 signatures  
  Abolition of Nuclear Weapons France
Mr. Dominique Lalanne
Joelle Huet
Finland 8 signatures  
  Mr. Goran von Bonsdorff  
Norway 18 signatures  
Norges Fredsrad
Spain 268 signatures  
  Fundacio per la Pau
Jordi Armadans / Director
United Kingdom 186 signatures  
  The Bertrand Russell Peace Foundation
Mr. Ken Coates / Chairman
  Mr. J.E. Ounsted  
  Ms. Jenny Maxwell  
Zimbabwe 5 signatures  
Mr. Charles Mutasa  
  Genesee Valley Citizens for Peace  
  Nuclear Age Peace Foundation
Mr. David Krieger
  At The World Conference in 2003  
  At The IPB Meeting in Greece 2003  
  At The Marshall Islands in March 2003  
  At NPT Prep. Conference in NY 2004  
  At The IPB Meeting in Spain 2004  

Mar. 16, 2004

Dear friends for peace and against nuclear weapons,

In August 2003, the World Conference against A & H Bombs launched a new signature campaign "Abolish nuclear weapons now! Let there be no more Hiroshimas and No more Nagasakis." (Petition form is attached.) It was endorsed and jointly launched by 7300 participants, including delegates of peace and anti-nuclear organizations of 20 countries at its closing day in Nagasaki (Aug. 9). Now the signature campaign is being geared up with supports from more than 45 countries.

In spring of 2005, the Review Conference of the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons will be held. And August of that year marks the 60th anniversary of the atomic bombings. Toward these two important events, this campaign aims to mobilize public opinion on the global scale that refuses the development of new types of nuclear weapons and the use of nuclear weapons and that demands the implementation of the undertaking to achieve the total elimination of nuclear weapons.

Around the same time, Hiroshima Mayor Akiba Tadatoshi and Nagasaki Mayor Ito Iccho proposed a new campaign in a conference of the Mayors for Peace to put pressure on the NPT 2005 Review Conference to start a negotiating process for the abolition of nuclear weapons. And in May this year, Prof. Joseph Rotblat called for the United States to “get rid of its nuclear arsenal”, or “it should withdraw from the Non-Proliferation Treaty.” He then proposed the Pugwash Conference to undertake a campaign to educate and influence public opinion for the abolition of nuclear weapons even if it would mean changing their “traditional mode of work.”

Sharing the common goal of their and other initiatives, our signature campaign aims to build up the grass-root voices to support them all over the world. Both Hiroshima and Nagasaki mayors have vigorously endorsed the petition. In Japan, we plan to collect signatures from 10 million people by summer 2004 and 20 million by the 60th anniversary of the atomic bombing in 2005.

Please endorse the petition and also promote the campaign in your country. We also want to ask you to pitch the petition at your group’s website and ask its visitors for their endorsement (or you could guide the visitors to our website petition page


Let us work together to make 2005 a turning point for a world without nuclear weapons.







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