Relief activity of sufferers

Ueno Park

Gensuikyo Calls for Nationwide Fundraising to Support Victims

Gensuikyo called for nationwide fundraising on March 18 to support the victims of the earthquake,tsunamis and subsequent Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant accident. Next day,we took to streets to appeal for donation in front of a railway station and collected 30,000 yen. Public interest in this issue was so high that many young people stopped and chipped in to our donation boxes. They seemed to want to do whatever they can do to help the sufferers. Kanagawa Gensuikyo conducted fundraising at 9 places in the prefecture,colleting 210,000 yen in a short time. The total amount of donation we have so far collected exceeded 1.2 million yen as of April 6.


We Bring Relief Supplies to Fukushima

Responding to an email (see below) form Ishido Yuko,Secretary of Fukushima Gensuikyo,Hiroshi Taka,representative director of Gensuikyo,and staffs drove to Fukushima city on Mar. 30,and handed over 200,000 yen donation and 270 litter of kerosene. High level of radiation has been sometimes detected in this area,though it is not designated as an evacuation zone. The fear of effects of radiation makes delivery of relief supplies and volunteers’ activities difficult.

Yuko’s message

We were thrown into a really grave crisis. Every day,I line up for foods at stores amidst frequent aftershocks and sounds of helicopter. We are concerned about water contaminated by radiation but cannot do anything but drink it,and we never know when gasoline and kerosene will be available. It was snowing in the morning today and yesterday,and was really cold. The evacuees housed in cold school gyms and those who are forced to stay indoors of their houses might not have enough strength left to hold out much longer. My 84-year-old mother said,‘It’s just like during a war’.

I have managed to live in my house which was undamaged,but I spend every day thinking about our days to come,watching endless news about Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant,and wondering if we can organize this year’s Peace March. Sometimes I cannot sleep at night,and I have little appetite and energy. But even more painful is that those who I want to talk together about Gensuikyo’s activities have left the region and gone to distant places for evacuation.I wonder what we Gensuikyo should do in the situation like this and have not found any answer,but believe all I can do now is to publish newsletters. So I have been sending out what little information I have obtained to communities and related organizations inside Fukushima Prefecture. Until Fukushima City is designated to be among evacuation zones (although it is certainly not desirable),I hope to carry on issuing newsletters,while helping and supporting people in emergency shelters as a member of our local ‘Cooperation Center for Rebuilding’. During this period,I realized that ‘sending out information’ has helped me to calm down.

Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! 

Thank you very much for your messages of condolences and donation and support given to us. We have spread your messages to the Japanese people through our website and have used your donation to buy and bring relief supplies to the sufferers. We now have Paypal online to accept your
donation. Thank you.

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