2012 Action Plan

 1. Promotion of Campaigns for a Total Ban on Nuclear Weapons in Solidarity with the Peoples of the World 

1) The first Preparatory Committee for the next NPT Review Conference will be convened on April 30 this year in Vienna,Austria. Looking to the PrepCom,many governments of the world have taken actions so that the NPT agreements to create “a world without nuclear weapons” can be put into practice. In many parts of the world,various anti-nuclear and peace movements are intensifying their activities for nuclear disarmament,withdrawal of nuclear weapons and reduction of nuclear and military budget. 

In order to encourage the implementation of the agreements to realize “a world without nuclear weapons”,Gensuikyo will issue a call on the occasion of the first PrepCom to urge governments and heads of all NPT state parties and non-state parties such as India,Pakistan,North Korea and Israel to take actions leading to a total ban on nuclear weapons.

During the first PrepCom,we will host an A-Bomb exhibition in Vienna together with International Peace Bureau (IPB) and other peace organizations in Austria and neighboring countries. We will also try to get cooperation or support from Austrian government for the exhibition.

We will exhibit a new set of A-bomb photo panels (title:A-bomb and Humanity) and make the exhibition a new starting point of disseminating A-bomb panels in Japan and abroad. On this occasion,we will make A-bombed testimonies heard and the signature campaign in support of the “Appeal on Total Ban on Nuclear Weapons” promoted.

Furthermore,responding to the exhibition in Vienna,Gensuikyo’s local organizations in all 47 prefectural capitals and other districts will host A-bomb exhibitions at the same time.

In order to make a success of the planned A-bomb exhibitions in Vienna and all over Japan on April 30 and the National Peace March that will start a Tokyo-Hiroshima course on May 6,Gensuikyo makes concrete plans to develop the movements on a community basis,including requesting municipal authorities and local organizations to support and make joint effort to promote the signature campaign in support of the “Appeal for a Total Ban on Nuclear Weapons”.

We also seek to organize same action on the occasion of the International Conference on the establishment of a nuclear weapon-free zone in Middle East to be planned this year in Finland,cooperating with movements in the host country and in the countries concerned such as Israel and Arab countries. 

2) Gensuikyo sends a delegation to both the first Preparatory Committee of NPT Review Conference in April and the 67th UN General Assembly First Committee in fall,and submits collected signatures to them. We set 4 phases to develop the signature campaign nationwide and build up public opinion enough to realize a total ban on nuclear weapons:1) the first NPT Preparatory Committee on April 30,2) 2012 World Conference against A and H Bombs in August (Hiroshima and Nagasaki Day),3) the beginning of October,and 4) the end of the year. At each phase,we count the signature and make public the number of collected signatures.

The goal of campaign in support of the “Appeal for a Total Ban on Nuclear Weapons” is to embody a wish of vast majority of the people for a nuclear weapon-free world and reflect it in international politics. The key to success is to obtain cooperation in the campaign from residents of communities beyond thoughts and beliefs.

So far,more than 1600 mayors,chairpersons and other officials of municipalities have supported the Appeal for a Total Ban on Nuclear Weapons. Among them,the number of mayors’ signatures reached 787,accounting for 45 percent of all mayors. In Nanae-town in Hokkaido,an association for abolishing nuclear weapons was formed with the mayor as a leader,aiming at involving all town residents in the signature campaign. We strengthen approaches to local governments such as the member cities of the Mayors for Peace and those declared nuclear free,requesting them to set a signature corner in city halls and collect signatures from their Council members and employees.

It is also important to develop and promote Monthly 6th and 9th Day Actions as a nationwide united activity.


2.  Aiming to create a nuclear weapon-free and peaceful Japan

We are determined to arouse public opinion to urge Japanese government to play a part as the only A-bombed country and contribute to making this year a turning point to achieve the abolition of nuclear weapons.

1) We will call on the Japanese government as well as those of other countries to take actions for the abolition of nuclear weapons in the first NPT PrepCom.  Getting cooperation from member cities of Mayors for Peace and other municipalities across Japan,we will circulate our call widely to the Japanese people,and further internationally as representing the desire of the Japanese people.

2) We have to make Japanese government break away from U.S. “nuclear umbrella”,repeal secret nuclear agreements which allow the bringing of nuclear weapons in Japan and strictly implement the Three Non-nuclear Principles.  The signature campaign in support of the “Appeal on Total Ban on Nuclear Weapons” serves to lay common ground of the public to support this task as well as the abolition of nuclear weapons.  To this end,it is vital to develop the signature campaign in all municipalities,involving residents and heads of local governments.

3) We demand that Japanese government repeal secret nuclear agreements,strictly observe and legislate the Three Non-nuclear Principles,and remove and refuse the portcalls of nuclear capable warships including nuclear powered aircraft carrier “George Washington”.  Even though getting unable to completely deny the existence of secret nuclear agreements,Japanese government has still continued to unconditionally allow nuclear capable warships to call at Japanese ports on the pretext that former US President Bush gave directions to remove tactical nuclear weapons from warships. The president’s directive,however,is the document that the U.S. can change anytime for its convenience without notice,and the US has the policy of “maintaining the system to redeploy nuclear weapons anytime”.  Indeed,US has continued to apply a policy of neither confirm nor deny carrying nuclear weapons on individual warships.    

We urge the Japanese government to declare and notify internationally that it will not permit the bringing of nuclear weapons into the country,and to apply to the ports of Japan the Nuclear Free Kobe Formula that obligates warships of nuclear weapon states to submit a “non-nuclear certificate”. When there are media reports that the US Navy seems to aim at using ports and harbors in Honshu region facing the Sea of Japan and Kyushu region in case of an emergency on the Korean Peninsula,we urge all municipalities concerned,especially those of these regions,to take the same attitude to the requests of US warships.

We will strengthen our efforts to raise awareness of citizens about the danger of nuclear weapons being brought into Japan and radioactive contamination of seawater,and to get them involved in the movement against them. 

4) On January 5,the U.S. government released the “Defense Strategic Guidance:Sustaining U.S. Global Leadership:Priorities for 21st Century Defense”,in which the government admitted that due to national financial crisis,it had to make a certain adjustment to its military spending that accounts for almost half of the world’s total military expenditure;however,the weight of Asia-Pacific region remained high as a region the U.S. future depends on,and it even put forward the direction to impose more burden on its allies.

We oppose the “reinforcement” of the Japan-US military alliance that has increased nuclear threat by the “nuclear umbrella”,the strengthening of the “missile defense” system and the danger of nuclear weapons being brought into Japan. We express firm solidarity with movements for unconditional removal of Futenma base,reduction and removal of U.S. military bases and installations,and against the joint use of the bases of the Japanese Self-Defense Forces by the US military.


3.Eradication of nuclear damage,breaking away from nuclear energy and shift to renewable energy sources

The Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant disaster has become the worst nuclear accident in history,at level 7 of the International Nuclear Event Scale (INES). It has brought about severe and extensive radioactive contamination. The uncontrollable grave situation of the plant and the widespread contamination show that civil use of nuclear energy is incomplete technology that may risk people’s lives,let alone military use of it.

We are determined to develop solidarity with the movements seeking for a shift from nuclear energy to renewable energy which are growing nationally and internationally. We will study and raise awareness of people about the relations between nuclear weapons and nuclear power generation as well as the damage caused by radiation. 

We demand that the government should conduct detailed measurements of radioactivity,announce their results,commit to take strict safety measures for residents and the environment,including thorough decontamination,and provide relief and compensation for the victims.  We also demand the cancellation of all the following plans:the resumption of the operations of nuclear power plants;the plutonium recycling system;the resumption of the operation of the fast-breeder reactor Monju;the resumption of the nuclear fuel reprocessing plant in Rokkasho Village;the use of the MOX fuel and the construction of the 14 new nuclear power plants.  We call for breaking away from nuclear energy generation and developing of renewable energy sources.  We oppose Japan’s export of nuclear power plants.   

As immediate actions,we will continue activity to help sufferers of the Fukushima disaster-stricken areas get relief and compensation for the rehabilitation of their lives and communities;we will join and work with for the “No Nuclear Power Plants National Network” established on December 13,2011;getting cooperation from scientists and experts of nuclear energy and radiation damage,etc.,we will plan to organize symposiums and seminars to discuss the abolition of nuclear weapons,the problems of Japan’s policy on nuclear energy and nuclear power plants,and protecting the people from radiation damage (A symposium is planned on April 11,2012 in Tokyo).

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