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World Conference against A & H Bombs


Letter from Nagasaki to All Governments of the World

Resolution of the 2014 World Conference against A and H Bombs - Nagasaki

     From the A-bombed city Nagasaki, we call on the Governments of the world, in particular, those of nuclear powers to step forward to achieve a “world without nuclear weapons”.

     On August 9, 1945, an atomic bomb attack by the United States turned Nagasaki, a city of about 240,000 citizens, to ruins, and took lives of about 74,000 by the end of the year.  The Hibakusha, A-bomb survivors, are even now tormented by diseases from radiation, such as cancer and leukemia, or by deep wounds in their minds.  Even their children and grandchildren are still not free from anxiety on their health.


     There should never be another tragedy like this anywhere on earth.  Nuclear weapons are atrocious weapons that must never be used under any circumstances.  Humans and nuclear weapons can by no means coexist. It is neither morally nor politically acceptable to maintain those weapons even as “deterrents”.  For this reason, the inhumane nature of nuclear weapons are being blamed, and the voices calling for their abolition are more and more widely spreading in international politics.


     We hope that the third International Conference on the Humanitarian Consequences of Nuclear Weapons due to take place in Vienna in December will gain even greater successes based on the achievements of the previous two conferences.


     The average age of the Hibakusha has exceeded 79.  Negotiations to accomplish nuclear disarmament are the obligation provided for by NPT, and “achieving a world without nuclear weapons” is an agreement reached by the 2010 NPT Review Conference. The breach of this obligation should not be permitted any longer.


     Given that every UN resolution concerned has been adopted with the support of more than two thirds of the member states, we call on you to start negotiations on a treaty to totally ban and eliminate nuclear weapons without any further delay. The 2015 NPT Review Conference should be made a point of decisive turn to realizing the agreement to achieve a world without nuclear weapons. We request every sincere effort from your government.


Japan is the only country that suffered from the A-bombing, and also a country that pledges to not fight a war by Article 9 of the Constitution.  Opposing any moves to make Japan a war-fighting country, we are pressing the Japanese government to break away from “nuclear umbrella” and play a role befitting the only A-bombed country.  

     In view of the 70th year of the A-bomb sufferings, we hope that you will take sincere actions to meet the expectations of the Hibakusha and the civil society of the A-bombed country.


     Wishing that Nagasaki be the last to suffer from a nuclear calamity.


                                                             Aug. 9, 2014

        The 2014 World Conference against A and H Bombs – Nagasaki