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World Conference against A & H Bombs


2013 World Conference against A & H Bombs – Hiroshima
August 5 - 6, 2013

August 5 (Mon.)

Solidarity Forum of Overseas Delegates and Citizens of Hiroshima

18:30-20:30 (Ginga, Hiroshima Bunka Koryu Kaikan Hall)

It is a special occasion for the citizens of Hiroshima to interact with overseas delegates who are joining in the 2013 World Conference against A and H Bombs.

August 6 (Tue.)

08:00-08:45    Hiroshima City Peace Memorial Ceremony (Peace Park)


2013 World Conference – Hiroshima Day Rally

13:00-15:30 (Green Arena, Hiroshima Prefectural Gymnasium)

Program:              - Introduction of overseas delegates, messages

- Address by the organizer

- Appeal from Hibakusha

- Address by Hiroshima Mayor

- Speeches by government representatives

- Special program featuring film director Oliver Stone, Peter Kuznick

- Presentation of peace movements from across the world and Japan

    - Closing