International Meeting
2001 World Conference against A & H Bombs

Ellen Thomas
Proposition One Committee


187 countries have promised to abolish nuclear weapons, but haven't set a date. Our purpose here is to make it happen, to make global nuclear disarmament the LAW. There are others who can't be here who share our purpose. I bring you greetings from our relatives across the sea: From the Peace Park Antinuclear Vigilers -- who have had signs and literature outside the White House, all hours and weather, for twenty years, and successfully brought nuclear disarmament to the voters of Washington DC; and from the Hiroshima/Nagasaki Peace Committee, who are holding their 20th annual commemoration of Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombings in Washington DC now, as we speak.

Greetings from Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton, who has introduced the resulting "Nuclear Disarmament and Economic Conversion Act" into the US House of Representatives five times. If her bill becomes law, the US must --

We call the idea "Proposition One." You can read about it and more at our website,

I love my country. Which is why I can say --
The United States is the most shameless bully on Earth. Our political leaders speak of peace, and make war. The philosophy of "Peace through Strength" poisons the Earth, its waters, air, and minds; breeds fear, apathy, rage, rebellion, and war.

The US is not the only sick place, of course. There are now eight nuclear-weapons countries, with more at the door. There are arms and arguments of varying ferocity on all continents.

But, as patriots boast, the US is Number One:

Other challenges Americans face: All these insanities are cloaked in secrecy and sophisticated, widespread lies. No wonder American activists feel overwhelmed. No wonder other countries are losing interest in disarmament. It's time to heal.

Native American tradition holds that those who lead must plan seven generations into the future. The seventh, or fifth, or third generations will curse us for failing to protect them. We can only protect them by changing the minds and hearts of our leaders.

There are billions of people on this planet who should take responsibility, but most are sleepwalking. Thankfully you, here, are awake. Some have been awake a long time, such as the Hibakusha who travel the world telling their stories year after year. To you we say, "Thank you!" Some are newly awake. To you we say, "Tell us how we can help you, for YOU are our future." TOGETHER we must plant the seeds of peace.


Thank you for being here today. Please keep working for sanity and peace. Come visit us outside the White House in Washington, DC. And be sure to check out our website, Heiwa!

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