International Meeting
2001 World Conference against A & H Bombs

Nuri Ahmed Swedan
World Mathaba for the Defense of Freedom, Peace, Justice and Progress

It is a great honor for us to participate today in this great and important international manifestation, which is the World Conference against Atomic and Hydrogen Bombs, in the name of the World Mathaba for the Defense of Freedom, Peace, Justice and Progress. This international peoplefs organization has, as its main tasks, the preaching of a world prevailed by brotherhood and equal relationships.

First, I would like to address to you many thanks and estimation for your invitation to us to participate in this congress, and I am pleased to transmit to you the greetings of countries, different organizations, political parties, peoplefs formations and organizations of civil society forming the World Mathaba Organization. Also, the greetings and the solidarity of Libyan people who opened their land to this peoplefs organization, which comprises more than 75% of worldfs inhabitants. Ladies and gentlemen, 56 years ago precisely, America did not hesitate to throw its atomic bombs on Japan, and it sacrificed the Japanese people and all peoples of Pacific Ocean zone. And this is a crime, which could not be forgotten by the world forever, and which will remain in the memory of successive generations. We, the small peoples and different organizations of civil society, here gathered, should assume our historic responsibility to prevent the reoccurrence of this criminal act, and to create a world prevailed by peace, free of atomic and nuclear total destruction weapons; to defend its production and to consider that as basic condition to annihilate traditional weapons.

The World Mathaba for the Defense of Freedom, Peace, Justice and Progress, which was founded by peoples of Africa, South America, Caribbean, Asia, ocean islands and Europe, lay all their moral abilities to serve the cause of freedom, justice, peace and progress with you and relying on you. And in this painful memory, it calls attention to the necessity to obviate attempts to impose hegemony and containment, led by some parties in the cadre of globalization.

The globalization is a reality imposed by scientific progress and the revolution of communications and information, which are property of all peoples. In this view, we should try to subdue this globalization and to steer it to human orientation, which make allowable to everybody to take advantage from it, without any hegemony or containment in order we can create a world prevailed by love and harmony, in which humanism could be realized, and means of terrorism and exploitation disappear.

We hallow freedom and human principles and we call to abolish atomic bombs and nuclear, biologic and chemical experiences and all global destruction means. Also we call to rescue the humanity from atomic stations and the risk of its garbage. So that, peace, justice could be realized, freedom could be realized, and a new human civilization will be established suitable for the all human being all over the world.

Dear friends, letfs go forward to give more work and grant to accentuate the fairness, to prevail freedom, and peace prevails worldwide. Long live Japan, long live the lovers Peace, Justice, Progress. Long live World Conference against A & H Bombs. Long live the World Mathaba - Libyan, Arab Jamahirya.

Best greetings.

To the 2001 Wolrd Conference against A & H Bombs