Resolution of the 2001 World Conference
against A & H Bombs - Nagasaki

New Surge of Anti-Nuclear Peace Movement from Grass-Roots

Entering the 21st century, the voices calling for the abolition of nuclear weapons have become a major trend and are driving the international politics forward. However, new counter-moves are also growing, and, in order to achieve the abolition of nuclear weapons, it is essential for us to galvanize public support and strengthen the anti-nuclear movement. Above all, it is crucially important that we greatly strengthen the movement in Japan.

The Koizumi Government continues to adhere to nuclear deterrence theory, shelving the task of abolishing nuclear weapons as in issue for the “final stage.” This is despite the fact that its “ultimate elimination” formula is now completely discredited. It further reinforces its cooperation with the “Missile Defense” program as a loyal disciple of the United Sates, and in so doing betrays the wishes of the people for nuclear disarmament and peace. There are growing moves to glorify and justify Japan's war of aggression, a war which led to the atomic destruction in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. This situation demands our redoubled efforts to bring to fruition a peaceful Japan free of nuclear weapons.

Having taken part in the World Conference against A & H Bombs, we invite a broad range of people to work together with us to put into action the "Declaration of the International Meeting." Firmly based on the achievements of our campaigns, we are ready to create a new surge from the grass-roots, taking on the following tasks:

  1. Demand the sincere implementation of the "unequivocal undertaking to accomplish the total elimination of nuclear arsenals" and request positive actions from the United Nations and its member states’ governments for a swift commencement of negotiations for an international treaty totally banning and eliminating nuclear weapons. We demand that the Japanese government acknowledge its duty as the A-bombed nation, and take strong initiatives to this end. In order to realize these demands, we will develop a variety of creative actions, including grass-roots signature collection, resolutions by local assemblies and joint appeals. We will bring together the results of our activities during the U.N. Disarmament Week and at international disarmament forums.

  2. Inform the wider public of the dangers involved in the "Missile Defense" program and bring together the people's demand for the cancellation of this program. Promote many forms of international joint actions for this end, such as convening international seminars. Urge the Japanese Government to stop its cooperation and involvement in “Missile Defense.”

  3. The Japanese Government should abandon its nuclear deterrence policy, get out from under the "nuclear umbrella" and strictly observe the "Three Non-Nuclear Principles." The "Nuclear-Free Kobe Formula" must be defended and further developed. The crimes and sufferings caused by U.S. military bases must be made widely known. We must oppose the strengthening of the Japan-US military alliance and work for the reduction and withdrawal of such bases from Japan.

  4. The damage and suffering caused by the atomic bombs must be further elucidated and made known to the people of the world, and special emphasis be made on involving the younger generation in the effort to keep the Hibakusha’s experiences alive. We must work for the improvement of Hibakusha relief measures, including the provision of relief measures equally to Hibakusha living outside Japan. The present standard for recognition of A-bomb disease should be reevaluated and the area designated as having been exposed to the bomb should be corrected and expanded. Let us strengthen the links between the global Hibakusha.

  5. For the cause of the survival of humanity, let us work in solidarity with the peoples’ struggle for peace. Let us open a window for a world free of nuclear weapons!

Aug. 9, 2001
The 2001 World Conference against A & H Bombs - Nagasaki

To the 2001 Wolrd Conference against A & H Bombs