International Meeting
2000 World Conference against A & H Bombs

Anthony Guarisco
Alliance of Atomic Veterans

Dear friends, my name is Anthony Guarisco. I am the director of the Alliance of Atomic Veterans. I once again want to call your attention to a very special group of Japanese people who need our full and continuing support.

In America our Alliance of Atomic veterans respectfully view this group to be the first nuclear weapons experimental animals tortured and killed by the US military American atomic veterans know them as Hibakusha of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

Our atomic veterans have worked with the Hibakusha of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. At the Nevada Test in America, AAV is committed to spread the true story of the Hibakusha and the unnecessary 1945 Atomic attacks by the U.S. Pentagon and it's military.

We note, that reasonable thinking people are shocked when informed that after fifty- five years the Hibakusha are still waiting for their Japanese government to do the right thing and bring closure to the Hibakusha issue. Closure, that can only happen when and after the government discontinue their abrasive stance towards the issue of compensation. For all Hibakusha.

It is long past the time to take the burden of Proof off the back of the victims (the Hibakusha), and put it where it belongs and that is on the back of the Japanese Government.

After seventeen years of supporting our brother and sister Hibakusha it is our observation that in terms of compensation for the Hibakasha this Japanese government appears NOT to be prepared to implement any kind of a compensation procedure for the Hibakasha. It is sad but true U.S. and Japanese governments are not reacting for the betterment of the Hibkusha or the people of Japan. For the government to fail to enact or deny the Japanese Hibakusha the opportunity to partake in a comprehensive compensation program is wrong.

For many years we have waited for the Japanese and American governments to put together a comprehensive compensation program for the Japanese Hibakusha.

When a Japanese or American government can just arbitrarily turn away from the needs of its people in need, that is a bad thing. When year after year the Hibakusha and atomic veterans have been denied compensation, that is a bad thing. When our governments know full well that its Hibakusha have lived 55 years with death and suffering and don't want to make a move to help, you have to ask yourself, has this Japanese or American government, taking the position that its more revenue enhance to just do nothing but wait. In time all the Hibakusha and the atomic veterans will be dead and only a small part of governments corrupt history. But make no mistake, the Japanese Hibakusha and the American Alliance of Atomic Veterans have did our homework. The world knows the true 1945 history of a corrupt group of white-racist pentagon warmongers who worked day and night to be able to test their new atomic weapon on the innocent men women and children of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

The rational for the US pentagon dastardly deed was, the Japanese were not white. Also the pentagon did a good job of demonizing the Japanese people. The bomb would keep the Soviet Union out of the Pacific Theater of war. And last but not least America would be the most powerful military and in every way the worst threat to all things on this planet.

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