2000 Hiroshima and Nagasaki Days International Joint Actions
(As of Aug. 30, 2000)

New Zealand
Peace Council of Aotearoa New Zealand Incorporated
Barney Richards
I have enclosed a photograph of the work done by High School students. We have asked that these students give a speech on Hiroshima Day. It is so important to get the young involved in peace activities. I have spoken to the teacher and she agrees. I have also suggested that the students do some fundraising during the year and attend the World Conference next year. I'm afraid that every Hiroshima Day we always see the same people. This year we are going to reach out to the wider public to get them involved. We are also making a strong effort to get the young involved. It is our duty to inform the public that that nuclear threat has not gone away. It is also our duty to inform the public the truth about why the Bomb was used on Japan.

Peace Cranes
William Chan, 17, puts the finishing touches to a chain of more than 1000 paper cranes to be sent to Hiroshima for World Peace Day on August 6. They were made by 45 students learning Japanese at St Patrick's College in Kilbirnie. Teacher Rosina price said the cranes would be laid around the Children's Peace Monument in Peace Park, built in memory of Sadako Sasaki, a six-year-old (original) girl who died from leukemia after the dropping of the A-bomb on Hiroshima. While in hospital she began making cranes because of a belief that if a person makes 1000 they will have good health. She died after making 700.
Contact: P.O. Box 703 Wellington, New Zealand Tel: 64-6-3648940 Fax: 64-6-3648940
E-mail: jwurlich@paradise.net.nz

National Consultative Committee on Disarmament
We are organising the Hiroshima Day Commemoration at the Peace Flame and this year, the Embassy of Japan is being represented. Our keynote speakers are two secondary school students and we will all be with your conference in spirit.

People for Nuclear Disarmament
On Hiroshima Day, PND had its annual vigil in the center of Perth to remember the first nuclear bomb and its aftermath. Our two new banners for this event stated: "The Nuclear Industry - a 20th Century Failed Experiment""To Shut Down the Nuclear Industry - a 21 Century Responsibility"
Contact: 1st Floor, 10 Pier St. Perth WA 6000, Australia
Phone: (08) 9272-4253/ E-mail:pndwa@mail.com

Australian Peace Committee (South Australian Branch) Inc.
Out Annual General Meeting will be held on Hiroshima Day 6th August.
Contact: 11 South Terrace Adelaide SA 5000, Australia
Phone: (08) 8212-7138/ Fax: 8364-2291/ E-mail:r-grayle@msn.com.au

Sri Lanka
Diyawanna Oya Govi Parisara Samitiya
Ours is a Peasants Educating Peace Organization. We hope to launch small scale seminars against Nuclear testing in sub continent especially in India and Pakistan.
Contact: No: 72/10, Perera MW., Kolonnawa, Sri Lanka
Tel: 077-306823 Fax: 074-408023

Nepal Peace Bureau
Aug. 6. Talk program about Hiroshima and Nagasaki
Aug. 7. Signature collection against A. H. Bombs.
Aug. 8. Interaction program with peace activist.
Aug. 9. Peace Ralley in Kathmandu
Contact: Dal Bahadur Gurung, GPO BOX NO. 8975 EPC BOX NO. 5427, Lazimpat, Kathmandu, Nepal Tel: 977-1-433713 Fax: 977-1-433712 E-mail: skt@info.com.np

Afro Asian People's Solidarity Committee of Nepal
We will organize the following programs:
1. Seminar on Atomic Bombing. Nuclearisation and Nuclear Free 21st Century,
2. Peace Rally against A and H Bombs,
3. The Hiroshima-Nagasaki Atomic Photo Panels Exhibition,
4. Signature Campaign on the Commitment Paper of Hiroshima-Nagasaki Appeal, etc.
Contact: Rishi Bahadur Basnet, Lazimpat, Post Box 818, Kathmandu, Nepal

ABCP, Nepal Centre
1. Signature Campaign against nuclear arms race;
2. Peace march to create awareness of the arms race of our neighbors
3. Raise our concern of the repercussion of nuclear arms race in such and very Buddhist conference and seminars in Nepal and international.
Contact: Loke D. Basracharya, P.O. Box 2810, Kathmandu, Nepal Tel: 977-1-223-005 Fax: 97726-1-221-395 E-mail: basra@darshan.wlink.com.np

Save the world
Aug. 6. A talk program about the Hiroshima Nagasaki
Aug. 7. Signature collection against Nuclear weapons, video show photo exhibition in school.
Aug. 8. Candle light walk & signature collection against nuclear weapons.
Aug. 9 Group think & talk about Hibakusha photo-exhibition
Contact: Shiva Shrestha, PB. No5947, Kathmandu, Nepal Tel: 977-1-420718 Fax: 977-1-420718 E-mail: dilicom@mos.com.np

Hiroshima Day August 6:start photo and video exhibition in various schools and colleges and continue it till August 9, Nagasaki Day. School students but parents, local people, city mayor etc. will be attended. Planning for 10 exhibitions on that week.
Contact: Punnakadu P.O. Pathanamthitta Dt., Keraca, India-689652 Tel: 91-473-314362 Fax: 91-473-323268 E-mail: seedsin@mdz-csnl.net.in

ANK (Ashita no Kai)
We are planning a Hiroshima Day Event in my hometown, Pune, in India and would like to ask for your help. We are hoping to visit several schools in the city to tell the story of Sadako and the 1000 Cranes and the terrible effects of the nuclear menace. After that we plan to teach the students to make cranes and hope to collect 1000 and send to the Peace Park in Hirohsima as a gesture of our solidarity with their cause.

National Academy of Youth Development Education
1. A convention of youth Students against Nuclear Weapons in-cooperation with other organizations.
2. A peace march demanding banning of Nuclear Weapons.
3. Signature Campaign on the Hiroshima Nagasaki appeal.
Contact: D.S. Chimurkar, 900. Khare Town, Dharam Path, NAGPUR-440 004, India
Tel: 91-0712-542766 Fax: 91-0712-523905 E-mail: milind chimurkar@hotmail.com

All India Peace and Solidarity Organization (AIPSO)
We want to hold meetings, conventions, signature campaigns, photo exhibitions, and demonstrations in Honor of the world conference against Atomic and Hydrogen Bombs to be held on 2-9 August 2000 at Hiroshima and Nagasaki of Japan. We are planning the propaganda demanding the abolition of Nuclear weapons and making a nuclear free 21st century
Contact: B.S. Koteswara Rao, Profit Complex, 14-5-21, Andhra Ratna Road, Hanumanpet, Vijayawada, India Tel: 91-866-574798, 91-866-574799 Fax: 91-866-571526
E-mail: Profit Shoe Company@hotmail.com

Jawaharlal Nehru University Students Union-New Delhi
Aug. 1. Launching the Signature Campaign
Aug. 3. Poster Workshop; theme- Peace and Liberty/font>
Aug. 4. Public Meeting in the Campus. (9:30 pm)
Aug. 5. Anti-Nuclear Street Play in different parts of New Delhi
Aug. 6. Citizens march- Oath Taking
Aug. 7. Solidarity Day
Contact: Ginu Zacharia Oommen, 254, Sabarmati, JNU, New Delhi-67 Tel: 911-11-6106623 Fax: 911-11-6169962 E-mail: Ginuzach@yahoo.com

Indian Institute for Peace, Disarmament Environmental Protection
We want to build pubic opinion and conscience with Hiroshima, Nagasaki Peace Exhibitions and Museum in various places in India. The public opinion will surely force Indian Government to sign the CTBT and chalk out the future polices of nuclear Weapons destruction.
We can achieve this goal in India with the cooperation and joint action with the World Conference Against A H Bombs and peace loving people of Japan.
Contact: Balkrishna Kurvey, 537, Sakkardara Rd, Negpur-9, India Tel: 91-712-745806 Fax: 91-712-743664 E-mail: iipdep@napur.dot.net.in

Bangalore Platform Against Nuclear Weaponisation
Bangalore platform Against Nuclear Weaponisation ( a platform comprising of about 25 different organisations besides some individuals) has decided to take up the cloth banner idea along with other things as part of the campaign.
For august 6th we have decided to get on to the streets. We are having three different groups perform in three different places in the city - in parks, busstops and shopping areas in the morning at 10.30. Here we will also collect signatures.
In the evening all the groups along with people mobilised especially for this and passers-by will converge at one place. (a historical park that has witnessed many protests from the days of the freedom struggle) We will form a human chain and sing peace songs in English and Kannada (and may be other Indian languages).
We are working with a wide cross section of people - children, trade unions, NGOs, Gandhians, Marxists, culture groups, women's groups etc.
On the 5th there is another programme has been planned at the Gandhi Peace Foundation - where about 500 children are expected to come. They will then take out a silent March to the Gandhi statue.
Contact: Lolly Ramdas, E-mail:lramdas@vsnl.com

Lahore Peace Forum
At a meeting of activists from several trade unions, civil organisations and political parties, Lahore Peace Forum was established on 26th July. The decision to form the new organisation was taken to co-ordinate and organise anti nuke activities at city level. A committee has been formed. It was decided to work very closely with Joint Action Committee for Peoples Rights and to affiliate the new organisation with Pakistan Peace Coalition.
It also decided to organise a seminar on 6th August to the theme of "NO More Hiroshima" at Lahore Press Club building. The seminar will be a joint effort by LPF and JAC. This is to launch the LPF and to commemorate those who died in Hiroshima and Nagasaki.
Speakers at the seminar include Cecil Choudry, Hina Jilani, Rizwan Atta, Tahira Mazhar, Farooq Tariq and Dr. Mubashar (if he gets well).
An exhibition will be organized to show the holocaust of Hiroshima. .Several other activities around peace issues will be carried out as well.
Contact: Farooq Tariq, E-mail:lahore.peace@usa.net

Planet of Hope (Ozyorsk), Environmental Students' Inspection (Tomsk), Siberian Scientists for Global Responsibility (Novosibirsk).
About 100 of representatives of environmental, scientific, human rights groups get together for 11th annual public position to dangerous industrial projects; July 23-August5, 2000

Peace Cooperative Network
Furth: Photo exhibition Bregenz (Austria) to Strasbourg (France), via Germany: International biking-tour for peace
Wittstock, near Berlin: Peace concert at a military training camp
Cochem/Mosel: Peace camp near the military nuclear arms deposit
Koln: Reception of Kazuo Soda in the city hall, manifestation and speech of Kazuo Sousa.
Darmstadt: A sequence of different activities (photo exhibition, movies, seminars), very extensive programme.
Dortmund: Inauguration of the Platz von Hiroshima(Hiroshima square) in the City Centre, photo exhibition
Haldensweg: Peace walk (at a military training camp)
Hamburg: Demonstration and peace bike ride
Berlin: Toll of the peace bell
Bonn: Hiroshima commemoration
Kiel: Lotus blossoms on the river
Muenchen: Peace vigil
Nurenberg: Demonstration and various actions
Stuttgart: Peace vigil and non-violent direct action at the European Command of the United States Army in Europe
Bremen: Demonstration, deposition of a cross of flowers as a temporary memorial
Contact: FRIEKOOP@BONN.comlink.org

Gewaltfreie Aktionsgruppe-Duene
More than fifty years ago, US-American Nuclear bombs wiped out the Japanese cities Hiroshima and Nagasaki and at the same time, these bombs killed most of these cities inhabitants. Since then, peace movements all over the world decided to dedicate the time from 6th to 9th August to commemorations for peace and against nuclear armament and war. Partly a lent was appealed to make these commemorations even more intensive.
DUENE has joined to these appeals in the last years and has organized several events dealing with the various "versions" of injustice. Together with the International Christian Council and the European Court, we regard every use of mass-destruction weapons as a crime.
Contact: c/o Ufsula Low, Kopernikusstr.53, 40225 Dusseldorf Tel: 0211-346-206

Der Pazifist
Berlin: Meeting at peace bell on Aug.6 by German Peace Council/Japanese Peace Bell Organization.
Darmstadt: Opening of photo-exhibition of Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum on Aug. 5 by Peter Benz, major of the City of Darmstadt.
Heidelberg-Koblenz: Bicycle tour for peace, after this youth workshop against atomic bombs.
Alongside Austrian/Swiss/German/French border: Bicycle tour for peace to Strasbourg, France, seat of European Parliament, from July 28 to Aug.6. In Strasbourg meeting with members of the Parliament and many events alongside the tour will be held.
Dusseldorf: Hiroshima and Nagasaki days by Nonviolent Action group Dune. Fasting for peace and different events each evening in the town.
Contact for Alongside Border, E-mail:bayern@dfg-vk.de
Contact for Darmstadt, E-mail:regina.hagen@huugendstil.da.shuttle.de
Contact for Berlin, E-mail:saefkow-berlin@t-online.de

Nuclear Test Ban Coalition (ENTBC)
International Exhibition about nuclear testing ( from August 4th to 10th) within the framework of the Abolition 2000 campaign
Contact: P. Peirart, Rue de CA Halle,15 7000 Mons-Belgium Tel: 65-373333 Fax: 65-373332 E-mail: Pierre.pierart@umh.ac.be

Greenscreen prepare a media program. Send news about Akkuyu anti nuclear festival.
Contact: P.O. Box 10386 N168 RQ London England U.K. Tel: 44-208-5310236 Fax: 44-208-5310236 E-mail: greenscreen@gn.apc.org

Anti-nuclear groups, NGOs will be Akkuyu near Silifke city. For Anti-nuclear Festival. Press conference to send letters, faxes and email to Turkish Government in order to stop nuclear power station plan in Akkuyu. Prepare a new declaration against nuclear bombs in Turkey. These (nearly 150) nuclear bombs are not belong Turkey.
Contact: llhan Akgun Cad. 12/c 33960 Silifke, Turkey Tel: 90-324-7143726 Fax: 90-324-7143726 E-mail: yoso-ozturk@turk.net

Tri-Valley CAREs
WHEN - Sunday, August 6, 2000, at 8 am.
WHAT - MILLENNIUM OF PEACE: Program and Demonstration at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory.
WHERE - Corner of East Avenue and Vasco Road, Livermore, California.
WHY - Anniversary of the WWII atomic bombing of Hiroshima; 10th anniversary of US sanctions against Iraq.
Master of Ceremonies - Wilson Riles, Executive Director, American Friends Service Committee
Keynote speaker: Bruce Gagnon, Coordinator of the Global Network Against Weapons and Nuclear Power in Space, who will speak on the US plans to weaponize and nuclearize space by the year 2020.
Contact: 2582 Old First St., Livermore CA 94550-3155 Tel: (925) 443-7148

Albuquerque Center for Peace Justice
We will take part in the march and civil disobedience action at Los Alamos, N.M. August 7-9, with Peace Action.
Contact: 144 Harvard S.E. Albuquerque, N.M. 87106, USA

Genesee Valley Citizens for Peace
Genesee Valley Citizens for Peace will hold its 28th annual vigil to commemorate the Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombings. This year's vigil will take place on Tuesday, August 9th, in the village of Avon, NY.
Contact: Arnold H. Matlin, P.O. Box 363, Geneseo, NY 14454, USA

Brandywine Peace Community
The Brandywine Peace Community is the faith-based peace activist group, formed in 1977, and committed to war resistance disarmament, opposing the U.S. war economy, and working for the economic conversion of weapons-producing corporations.
Aug. 6 (Hiroshima Day) the Peoples Campaign for Nonviolence March and Rally in Wash., DC. Buses will be going from the Phila. Area
Aug. 9 (Nagasaki Day), 11a.m.(time of the Nagasaki bombing) Vigil of Remembrance with Hibakusha(survivors of the first atomic bombings) and nonviolent civil disobedience
Contact: Robert M. Smith, P.O. Box 81, Swarthmore, PA 19081 USA Tel: 610-544-1818 Fax: 610-544-1818 E-mail: brandywine@Juno.com
Web site: www.craftech.com/~dcpledge/brandywine

American Friends Service Committee, Middle Atlantic Region
Japanese Atomic Bomb Survivor to Attend Baltimore's Nagasaki Commemoration
WHO: Guided by Quaker belief in the dignity of all people and the power of nonviolence, the American Friends Service Committee (AFSC) participated in many major movements and historic events of the 20th century since 1917. In Baltimore, its Hiroshima-Nagasaki Commemoration Committee, composed of representatives from such peace groups as the Baltimore Emergency Response Network, Maryland United for Peace & Justice, Physicians for Social Responsibility and Women's International League for Peace and Freedom, hosts an annual remembrance of the atomic bombings of Aug. 6 and 9, 1945, which resulted in an estimated 70,000 to 100,000 people, mainly civilians, being killed.
WHAT: On August 6, 2000, the Committee organized, as part of its 16th annual commemoration, an event to Honor Our Elders from Baltimore's peace and justice community. Now a commemoration of the bombing of Nagasaki is scheduled, and Nobuo Miyake, from Tokyo's Association of Atomic Bomb Survivors will speak.
WHEN: Wednesday, August 9, 2000
demonstration against weapons research at 5:30-6:30 PM
commemoration at 6:45 PM
WHERE: 34th & N. Charles Street [outside Johns Hopkins University]
WHY: More than 50 years after Hiroshima and Nagasaki, nuclear weapons still threaten the planet, and, instead of seeking disarmament, politicians call for a $60 billion antimissile system. Locally, John Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory, for fiscal year 1999, ranked 37th on the Pentagon's list of Top 100 weapons contractors. So the Hiroshima-Nagasaki Commemoration Committee will continue to speak out for nuclear disarmament and protest against weapons research at JHU during its annual remembrance of the atomic bombings of Japan.
Contact: Phone: 410-323-7200/ Fax: 410-323-7292/ E-mail: mobuszewski@afsc.org

Peace Concerned People of Nigeria
Displaying of cultural and armaments.
Contact: E.E. Onyetube, 28 Eke Market Sqr. Amawbia Awka South, Nigeria