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2010 World Conference against A & H Bombs-Hiroshima
Hiroshima Appeal

Sixty-five years since Hiroshima and Nagasaki, the calls of the Hibakusha, gNo more Hibakushah and gAbolish nuclear weaponsh have become an overwhelming tide in the world.
Our action of sending 1,600 delegates to the NPT Review Conference and piling up the boxes containing 6.9 million signatures grew to become a tidal wave for the abolition of nuclear weapons surrounding the U.N. headquarters and made the Conference reaffirm the realization of a gworld without nuclear weaponsh as a clear goal of international politics. U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, at the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Ceremony, also called for achieving the abolition of nuclear weapons in the lifetime of the Hibakusha.

What is needed now is to swiftly start negotiations for a treaty to totally ban and eliminate nuclear weapons. However, nuclear powers are opposing the negotiations for a time-bound abolition. Underlying their opposition is the gnuclear deterrenceh doctrine that consists of defending national security by nuclear threat. This is the most serious impediment to the realization of a gworld without nuclear weapons.h

In particular, Japanfs reliance on the U.S. gnuclear umbrellah, as a policy of an A-bombed country, is now acutely called into question. Trying to reinforce the Japan-U.S. military alliance, the Kan government seeks to make the gThree Non-Nuclear Principlesh a dead letter for officially authorizing the U.S. to bring nuclear weapons into Japan. On the question of Futenma base, the government is trying to persuade Okinawa to continue hosting US bases by invoking the gJapan-U.S. agreement.h The role of our movement in Japan is growing more and more important.

In the name of the 2010 World Conference against A & H Bombs, we call for the following actions:

Let us raise our voice and spread it to press for the commencement of negotiations on a nuclear weapons convention. Including the signature campaign for a gNuclear Weapon-Free Worldh, we must develop a wide variety of actions, rallying the voices of the people in Japan in solidarity with the peoples across the world. Developing cooperation with a broad range of people and the movement involving local authorities and citizens, let us build up a strong public opinion demanding a nuclear weapon-free world in local communities, workplaces or school campuses.

Let us demand the Japanese government that it pull out our country from the U.S. gnuclear umbrellah. We must further enhance the movements for the abandonment of the secret nuclear deal, the strict observance and enactment of the gThree Non-Nuclear Principlesh, the dissemination and expansion of the gNuclear-Free Kobe Formulah, and the gDeclaration of a nuclear weapon-free Japan.h In unison with the people of Okinawa, we demand the unconditional removal of the U.S. Futenma Base and oppose the construction of a new base. Resisting the realignment and reinforcement of U.S. bases and the dispatch of Japanfs Self Defense Forces, let us strengthen our campaign to preserve and bring Article 9 into play, reduce military spending and improve peoplefs living conditions and jobs.
To further elucidate the consequences of the A-bombing, learn from and disseminate their knowledge in the world is of decisive importance for enhancing the public opinion calling for a nuclear weapons convention and defeating the gnuclear deterrenceh doctrine. The campaign to listen to Hibakusha tell their stories and feelings, record them in audiovisual, paper and other media and communicate, diffuse and share the information should be actively promoted as the gundertaking of humanity.h Based on our achievements in the collective lawsuits on the A-bomb disease recognition, we must bring about a fundamental change in the governmentfs policy for Hibakusha to adopt it to the realities of A-bomb damage.
For defeating the gnuclear deterrenceh doctrine according which peace can be secured by nuclear weapons or military means, let us learn, study and propose a broad national debate among people. Together with the Hibakusha and rallying the energy of young generations, let us march forward towards the realization of a gnuclear weapon-free world.h

No more Hiroshimas! No more Nagasakis! No more Hibakusha!

August 6, 2010
2010 World Conference against A & H Bombs-Hiroshima

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