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2004 World Conference Against A & H Bombs - Nagasaki

Alfred L. Marder
President, US Peace Council

I bring you greetings and solidarity from the US Peace Council and the largest coalition of peace organizations in the United States, over 850 organizations, United for Peace and Justice. We are one with the people of Japan in the struggle for the total abolition of nuclear weapons and for peace.

This commemoration of the barbaric bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki is being held at a critical time. US imperialism, with its junior partner, England, has unleashed its fangs. It has destroyed the country of Yugoslavia; invaded Afghanistan and Iraq. Under a cloak of lies, US imperialism is extending its control of the oil of Iraq. This provides the US with direct influence over countries that must seek their energy supplies abroad, like Japan. The invasions have extended US military bases to Southern Russia, Central and South Asia, the Middle East and next door to China.

The cabal that has seized control of the US Government has scrapped the Anti Ballistic Missile Treaty with Russia; the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty; refused to negotiate for the abolition of nuclear weapons under Article 6 of the Nuclear Proliferation Treaty and is funding new research to obliterate the differences between nuclear strategic and battlefield weapons. The US is invading space to dominate the world. Their declared policy of pre-emptive war includes the use of nuclear weapons on non-nuclear countries. This cabal is a danger to humanity.

That is why this gathering this year assumes such historical importance. Never before in the entire history of humankind have so many millions marched and demonstrated for peace throughout the world. We, the people, are, indeed, a super power!

The enemy, the death merchants and their political salesmen are not invincible. The curtain of US imperialism has been drawn and is exposed throughout the Middle East and Asia.

We represent the other United States, the United States that is struggling against the war. In the United States itself, the polls now show that a majority demands that US troops come home at once. The peace forces are mobilizing behind the Mayors Global campaign for the total abolition of nuclear weapons.

Nuclear weapons are political weapons. The bombing of the innocent people of Hiroshima and Nagasaki was to demonstrate US power to the then Soviet Union. Nuclear weapons remain political weapons.

We must mobilize the people, the superpower of peace, behind the global campaign to finally abolish nuclear weapons as part and parcel in our struggle for peace. Thank you for carrying the banner high for all of us these many years.




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