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Closing Plenary Session
World Conference against A & H Bombs
Faisal Baloch (Pakistan)

Salute to the martyrs of 9th August 1945.

I am Faisal Baloch representative of my nation, this is great honor for me I am addressing to the people of Nagasaki and on behalf of Pakistani nation condemned the harassment of 9th August 1945 event. We cannot forget the harassment and terror of August 09th 1945, when USA dropped atomic bomb on the innocent citizens of Nagasaki and one of the ancient civilizations a gplace of loveh of the world. The land, which is famous for its beauty, was chosen for atomic testing. The blast jolted Nagasaki and many beautiful things in the hearts and dreams of innocent people of Nagasaki burned into ashes.

Nuclear weapons ARE a tragedy, the testing, and their barbaric use against innocent people. The continued existence of nuclear weapons is a tragedy. The rogue states spend billion dollars a year to maintain its nuclear war fighting capability. At the same time, as people hunger and are not fed, people are cold and not clothed. They are an abomination, a threat to the future of humankind.

We stand today on the brink of hyper-proliferation and perhaps of repeating the third actual use of nuclear weapons. I can assure you that the path we are walking leads to unspeakable violence and misery for us all. I am well aware that we must do more than talk about this danger. For over fifty years, peace activists of the world have been raising the alarm about nuclear weapons.

We cannot sit silently watching it happen. We must let our leaders know, first and foremost, that we demand immediate freedom from the nuclear threat. Nuclear weapons are heinous, cruel, inhumane weapons that threaten our entire species. Nothing could be more obvious than the illegality of these weapons, and they should obviously be banned. Therefore, on behalf of the human family, we demand a complete and total ban on all nuclear weapons everywhere. We demand that all nuclear weapons be taken off of hair- trigger alert immediately and all nuclear weapons deployed on foreign territory be withdrawn. We demand that no more time be wasted postponing or extending the timeline for nuclear disarmament.

All of us in this event, blessed with extremely high levels of prosperity and education, are duty-bound to educate the rest of the population in our respective homelands about the nuclear danger. We must inform them and mobilize them for their own protection. It is our responsibility to launch a massive, grassroots campaign that will make it clear that the people of all nations will accept only leaders who undertake unequivocally to eliminate nuclear weapons.

Our immediate target is nuclear weapons, but our long-term aim is a new world order. In this new world, no man is foolish enough to kill or be killed to defend his master's wealth or ego. We seek a world in which no man, woman or child goes to bed wondering whether he or she will live through the hunger, pestilence, or violence of the next day; a world in which we look around this conference and see not murdering, thieving enemies against whom we have to defend ourselves but brothers and sisters on whom our own safety, security, survival and enjoyment depend. Let us work together for the sake of our children and grandchildren. Let us ban nuclear weapons in 2005.
Let me take this opportunity to appeal the International humanitarian organizations, as well as, to the organizing committee of World Conference against A & H Bombs to make it possible to find out venues to compensate the Hibakushas of sub-continent, and to conduct research study to measure the impacts of radiation in the particular territories.

Unity struggle till Victory





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