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Dear Friends and Comrades of Nagasaki and various other parts of the globe,

I, on behalf of the anti-nuke peace movement of India - the Coalition for Nuclear Disarmament and Peace (CNDP), am here today to share your painful memories which are haunting you for the last fifty nine years. But, more than that, Ifm here to stand shoulder to shoulder with you in your struggle for a world where therefll be No More Hiroshima, No more Nagasaki, No more Hibakusha. Ifm here to assure you in person that the struggle to rid the world of the menace of nuclear weapons is just not your struggle; itfs also my struggle, our struggle, the struggle of the overwhelming majority of the whole world.

Friends, fifty nine years back Hiroshima and Nagasaki were incinerated alive. Never in human history so many died with so much pain. The whole world was stunned and horrified. A huge cry for peace rose up, pierced the sky.
Yet fifty nine years after, thirty thousand nuclear warheads, deployed or stockpiled, are still there to threaten the very existence of the planet earth, the only home of the humankind.

The original sinner, the USA, is going ahead developing mini-nukes for actual use in the battlefield. It has also launched its National Missile Defence (NMD) and Theatre Missile Defence (TMD) programmes - unilaterally abrogating its international treaty obligations. The USA is at the moment is engaged in continuing its brutal war against the people of Iraq, which had been launched as a vital component of the unfolding project, initiated by its neo-con rulers, for unfettered global domination by imposing total control over the sources of the most major industrial fuel, the hydrocarbons. In its diabolical game, itfs also determined to drag Japan into the vortex of death and destruction by making use of North Koreafs nuclear brinkmanship as an alibi. The collaborators of the New Empire in Japan are, in the process, out to destroy Japanfs proud heritage - its Peace constitution.

Friends, at this hour of crisis, I, from India, where its criminal rulers did their bit to turn the world even more dangerous - renouncing the age-old national policy of anti-imperialist pacifism, draw confidence and hope from the unprecedented and massive recent popular upsurge for peace and against predatory war all over the globe.

Friends, let us all take heart from our own demonstrated capacity to resist and counter. Let us all on this august occasion stand up and cry out in one voice: gNo More Hiroshima! No More Nagasaki! Abolish Nuclear Weapons Right Now!h Let us all together make the rules of the nuclear weapons states, declared and undeclared, actual and potential, their nuclear program and give up their nuclear arsenals. Let us all together makes peace prevail and life bloom!

Thank you!

SuklaSen <suklasen@yahoo.com>
CNDP, India
9th August, 2004




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