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Speech for the Closing day plenary, 9th August 2004.
World Conference against A & H Bombs, Nagasaki.
M. Channa Basavaiah,
Anti-Uranium Mining Alliance, India.

Dear Friends,

Greetings from the Anti-Uranium Mining Alliance, umbrella organization of grass-roots movements struggling against uranium mining in three states of India. The victims of uranium mining and processing in Jadugoda constitute Hibakusha of India, as they are affected by internal radiation. And as the victims of radiation, and movements fighting against radiation, we consider that the process of uranium mining and processing constitute a subtle nuclear war carried out every day, domestically. Since the uranium mining ultimately connected to the nuclear weapons programmes we oppose Nuclear Weapons programmes of all the countries of the world, including India and express solidarity with nuclear disarmament and peace movements of all over the world.

At the same time using this occasion of World Conference Against A & H Bombs, Nagasaki, I would earnestly appeal to all the peace movements and groups of the world to take a holistic view of the nuclear issues in opposing uranium mining, nuclear power generation, and all kinds of nuclear weapons programmes, including the stockpiling of the so called gDepleted Uranium Shellsh. It may be noted that uranium never depletes properly. Radiation dies only in its natural course after living for billions of years, continuously affecting the health of several generations of the people.

Moreover, I would like to emphasize the fact that the victims of uranium mining, whether in India, Australia, America or Sub-Saharan Africa, are indigenous/tribal/native people. Their voices are not articulated in the mainstream. There is a dire necessity to give voice to their problems in the conferences like this to sensitize and build public opinion against radiation effects arising out of uranium mining and power generation leading to its unsafe waste disposal. These activities do not constitute development. They only spread the radiation and thus cause the destruction of the health of people for several generations to come.

We the Anti-Uranium Mining Alliance, India consider that there are several alternatives to nuclear power generation. These alternatives are eco-friendly and do not harm the people. They are also renewable and have shown successful results in last few decades in India as well as in the remaining countries of the World. What is needed is the political will on the part of the rulers of the countries to explore these alternatives and implement them. Then it is possible to have radiation free world in the future.

As the individuals, groups, movements aiming at gAbolition of Nuclear Weapons and No more Hiroshimas and No more Nagasakish, visualizing radiation free safe world for the sustenance of our future generations, there is an utmost need to articulate the nuclear issues holistically and take up the jobs of advocacy, activism and struggles in respective countries to achieve our common objectives.

Thank you very much.




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