2004 World Conference against A & H Bombs

Alice Slater
Global Resource Action Center for the Environment (GRACE)/ Abolition 2000

Hello Dear Friends
How wonderful to see so many people gathered here today to bear witness to the tragic suffering of the people of Hiroshima, 59 years ago and to say never again!. And how inspiring that the brave Hibakusha are sharing their souls, their stories, and their pain to remind us of the work we have to do-to say never again! Never again will we let any place on our planet suffer the cruel inhumanity that was visited upon Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

The power of the people is rising. Millions of people marched around the world to protest the global war machine led by President BushAin an illegal war against Iraq without the lawful sanction of the UN Security Council, waged on deceitful information that Iraq was threatening us with nuclear weapons. Millions more marched the following year to demand that the war be ended. And now we must go forth from this World Conference and mobilize millions of people once again to demand the total abolition of nuclear weapons. Or else, the US will again use nuclear weapons as an excuse to start an unlawful war on North Korea or Iran. Who will be next to be attacked by the Empire?

We have a plan! Abolition 2000, a global network of over 2000 organizations in more than 90 countries has launched its Abolition Now! Dare to Plan Campaign. We drafted a model nuclear weapons treaty, with scientists, lawyers and policy makers, that lays out the steps for securing, dismantling, and guarding dangerous nuclear materials under strict and effective international control, which is now an official UN document. Itfs not as if we canft figure out how to do it!. And last year at this Conference, an Abolition Now petition campaign was launched from Hiroshima. After this meeting be sure to take the petitions in your packet to start enrolling the millions of people we need so we can swamp the United Nations with box loads of signatures next spring at the 2005 Non-Proliferation Treaty Review Conference. Thatfs the treaty where all the nations of the world promised, in 1970, not to get nuclear weapons, if the countries with nuclear weapons gave them up. Thirty five years later, the number of nuclear weapons ruining our earth and damaging our very genetic heritage from the mining, milling, processing and testing of lethal uranium and plutonium, which remains poisonous for more than 250,000 years--has more than doubled to 30,000 bombs-and the Bush Administration is making new ones-smaller more gusableh ones and planning, with Japan, Australia, and others, to ring the world with missiles, bankrupting our treasuries and wasting the precious minds of our scientists, as it strives to dominate and control the earth from space.. Never again!

Mayors Akiba of Hiroshima and Itoh of Nagasakifs Mayors Campaign for Peace is bringing 100 Mayors to the New York NPT conference. They need your help. Visit your own Mayor and enroll him in the Campaign. And write letters and petition your Prime Minister to come to the NPT meeting because we need the Heads of State there who have the power and authority to set up negotiations for a treaty by 2010 mandating the total abolition of all nuclear weapons on the planet by the year 2020. Ask your Prime Minister to come to the NPT with his own plan to make sure the tons of so-called gpeacefulh plutonium in Japan are never turned into nuclear bombs.

Exercise your citizenship muscles! Nuclear weapons exist because the people of the world do not have real democracy. Tell your members of Parliament youfll vote them out if they continue to use your tax dollars on joint missile gdefensesh with the United States-the first stage of launching weapons into space. Tell your members of Parliament youfll replace them if they try to replace Article 9 of your peace Constitution in order to make it legal to send young men to serve and die in the aggressive wars of the American Empire. We can do it!. With the spirit and energy and enthusiasm in this great hall, let us go forth and join with others around the planet to make our beautiful world safe and secure. Never Again! Let us Dare to Plan! No more wars! Abolition NOW!






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