2004 World Conference against A & H Bombs


2004 World Conference against A & H Bombs
Resolution of Hiroshima

Appeal from Hiroshima

August 7, 2004

In Hiroshima where the call for banning nuclear weapons arose from the tragedy of the atomic bombing and has spread out all over the world, we pledged to make great strides in building up the movement for the abolition of nuclear weapons. While facing the increasing threat of war and use of nuclear weapons, the world sees the development of peoplefs public opinion and movement called the gsecond superpowerh, which broaden the prospects for peace.

Representatives of the governments of the Non-Aligned Movement and New Agenda Coalition joined the representatives of anti-nuclear peace movements from Japan and the world in the international meeting of the 2004 World Conference against A & H Bombs. The meeting proposed to make the year 2005, the 60th anniversary of the atomic bombing with the NPT Review Conference to be held in May, a year of international action to achieve a decisive turn toward liberating humanity from the horror of nuclear weapons. Let us expand our movement in every corner of the Japanese archipelago to live up to the expectations for a movement of the A-bombed country.

1. Toward the NPT Review Conference to be held in May 2005, let us build up overwhelming public opinion and movement demanding for the implementation of the gunequivocal undertakingsh made at the 2000 NPT Review Conference by the nuclear weapons states to abolish their nuclear arsenals. For this, we need to carry out a massive campaign in communities, work places and schools all over Japan to collect signatures in support of the call: gAbolish Nuclear Weapons Now!h uniting broader sections of the people on their common desire for peace and eradication of nuclear weapons.

Towards the 2005 NPT Review Conference, let us stage many creative actions, including a major action in New York on May 1, proposed by the World Conference of Mayors for Peace, including the mayors of Hiroshima and Nagasaki; joint presentation of signatures by Japan and other countries and an international peace march. Let us urge every local government to respond to the proposal of the Mayors for Peace.

Let us demand that all the governments including those of the nuclear weapon states to vote in favor of the resolutions that call for the elimination of nuclear weapons in the coming session of the UN General Assembly and make every effort to start negotiations on an international agreement for the abolition of nuclear weapons. Let us call on the U.S. government to abandon its plan to use and develop nuclear weapons.

2. Let us demand that the Japanese government take lead in the effort for the abolition of nuclear weapons, playing an active role as the government of the A-bomb country. Let us further urge the government to strictly observe the Three Non-Nuclear Principles, enshrine them into law, and get rid of the gnuclear umbrella.h

We must stop all attempts to revise the Constitution, which aim to enable Japan to participate in U.S. initiated wars based on the gpreemptive strikeh strategy, which includes the use of nuclear weapons. Let us bring together the anti-nuclear peace sentiment of the Japanese public, develop cooperation between broad sections of people, and defend Article 9 of the Constitution.

We demand the immediate withdrawal of the Japanese Self-Defense Forces troops from Iraq and prevent the concretization of the contingency laws. Let us oppose the reorganization and buildup plan of U.S. military bases in Japan that aims to turn Japan into a nuclear sortie base of global scale, which includes the construction of a new U.S. military base in Nago, Okinawa Prefecture, and the conversion of the Yokosuka Port into a mother port of nuclear-capable aircraft carriers. Let us develop public opinion and the movement calling for the abrogation of the Japan-U.S. military alliance,

3. Let us strengthen solidarity with Hibakusha, including support for collective lawsuits for the A-bomb disease recognition. Let us promote activities with Hibakusha to make the reality of A-bomb damage known to the public, through A-bomb photo exhibitions, testimonies of Hibakusha, and preservation of A-bomb ruins.

Let us strengthen solidarity with nuclear victims all over the world.

gAbolish Nuclear Weapons Now!h Let us join hands with people around the world to take actions now under this common slogan.



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