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Plan for the 2004 Hiroshima & Nagasaki Days Joint Actions and Message to the World Conference against A & H Bombs

1) Plan for the 2004 Hiroshima and Nagasaki Days joint actions.
2) Message to the 2004 Conference.

  • New Zealand

Perline Fergoson
Janacia Trust Associates
P.O.Box 20170 Gleneden,Auckland, Waitakere City, Aotearoa New Zealand
1) No More Wars, which cause terrorism, fear and reactions, needless suffering and deaths. Learning to appreciate our many diverse cultural heritages, and working on for peaceful cohabitation between all peoples, within those perspectives, caring for all environments, earth, air, sea.
2) To continue on with the movements for no more wars.

Barney Richards
National Secretary, Aotearoa-New Zealand Peace Council
Box 703, Wellington, New Zealand

1) The New Zealand Peace Council will be working closely with the office of the mayor for the Hiroshima day ceremony and the dedication of a plaque remembering all those who worked so hard to make the capital city of Wellington a nuclear-free city. Our mayor takes a great interest in peace activities, and the Peace Council is greatly encouraged by her participation in the Hiroshima Day remembrance each year.
2) With the Bush administration now out of control, it is now more important than ever that the peoples of the world show their anger against the nuclear weapons build-up by the U.S. and we must support the Japanese people to prevent the under-mining of the Constitution. This is most important!

W. Jack Sennett
Irving street, Victoria
Dear Council members,

2) During 1946 and 1947,whilst serving with the Australian Air force, I lived in Hiroshima, sometimes amongst the ruins at Yoshijima airfield near the prison, and sometimes amongst the ruins near Kamiyacho. I visited the Red Cross Hospital many times. Although I am now 82 years old the terrible sights and experiences remain vividly in my memory. Since those times I have actively campaigned for the abolition of all nuclear weapons. When I was younger I spoke often at schools, describing to Australian students the consequences of nuclear war, and what one atom bomb did to Hiroshima and the people who lived there. Hiroshima will haunt me until the day I die. I commend you for your efforts to ensure that it will never happen again.

People for Nuclear Disarmament
Environment House, 61 Eigth Avenue, Maylands W.A. 6051

1) A peace vigil in the city of Perth
2) Our best wishes for a successful conference. Nuclear weapons should be totally eliminated as they are weapons of mass destruction, and threaten the survival of humanity.

Sri Lanka
Jayantha Dhanapala
Former Assistant Secretary General of the United Nations for Disarmament Affairs

After careful consideration I regret I must decline your invitation. Ill health in my family has forced me to cut back my travel and so I hope you will understand my inability to come this year. I wish your conference all success.

Duraisamy Kailanathan
Democratic Workers Congress
67/7, Dumburugiri Road, Hatton, Sri Lanka

2)It is very much unfortunate that day by day the terrorist activities are increasing and despite the each and every Country law officers are taking every initiative action to prevent any war, it appears to be not coming though. The activity of the U.S. led alliance War in Israel has caused much serious complication s and almost daily news papers as well as the media televisions reveals some sort of problem there and numerous innocent people are killed. Besides, the recent activity of the North Korea is also threatening the global countries of possible drastic attacks of nuclear weapons. The time has come for the entire nations to get together and find a remedial solution as early as possible to prevent any disastrous acts in near future in any country. I have to place in record of the un-disputed actions taken by the World Conference against A&H bombs, which is very much appreciated. It is evident that a conference of this nature give a path for the abolishing of the any of the A & H bombs in the future of the world. I am confident that the massages of this conference will be taken by the participants to all over the world so that every one could understand the seriousness of any war.


Roshan Kumar Shrestha
Peace wave Nepal
Bharatpur-12 Chitwon Nepal
00977-56-5526566/ peacewavenepal@yahoo.com

1) We will bring 10000 signatures collection with us. I will carry a 30 feet long banner with slogan and signatures against nuclear weapons. We want to demonstrate that banner on the street of Hiroshima, Nagasaki and Tokyo as well.
2) I would like to participate in the conference to commemorate the horrifying experience of the people of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. I want to express my solidarity with all peace-loving people  

Afro-Asian Peoples Solidarity Committee of Nepal
Post Box 818, Kathmandu, Nepal
00977-1-5527047 nepalaapso@yahoo.com

1) AAPSO Nepal is organizing various local and national level activities to commemorate 2004 Hiroshima & Nagasaki Days. The activities include seminar, exhibitions and interaction programs inviting personalities from various fields to prevent nuclear wars, eliminate nuclear weapons and support and solidarity with the Hibakusha. With the view of creating public awareness among people about the consequences of nuclearization and various posters and photo depicting nuclear victims shall be displayed.
2) Prevention is better than cure. So we hope that this World Conference shall contribute in preventing all kinds of activities like nuclearization,ammunization and militarization. There is no alternative for peace. So we express our best wishes to the Conference to help maintain peace in the world and preventing another Hiroshima or Nagasaki from happening in any port of the world. We are committee to work together for a peaceful and promising world without nuclear weapons. We wish every success of the conference.

Mr. Shanju Prasad Gyawali, Ms. Lila Adhikari
Committee for Peace Action
Post Box 12247, Kathmandu, Nepal

1) Seminar, interaction programs to support the 2004 World Conference against A & H Bombs. Display of nuclear victims photo and posters. A peace rally.
2) You are committed to the total elimination of nuclear weapons. We are committed to work together for a peaceful world without nuclear weapons and without war. There is a need to build peace and not alternative to peace. We support and express solidarity for Hibakusha and our best wishes to the conference in maintaining peace in the world.

Man for Mankind
202/1 Tutpara, Main Road, Khulua 9100
Tel: 88-41-730309

1) Peace march on Aug. 2. Seminar on peace on Aug. 3 and Signature campaign on Aug.4.
2) No more nuclear disaster in India and Pakistan. We hope peace-loving people of the world will be united under the banner of No More Hiroshimas, No More Nagaskis. Our full support and solidarity for a peaceful world, especially in South Asia.

Chittabrata Majumdar
General Secretary, Centre of Indian Trade Unions (CITU)

1) Like previous years I, on behalf of CITU, am attending the 2004 World Conference against A&H Bombs, which are going to be held on August 2-9 in Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Japan. We are going to observe August 6 and 9 against nuclear weapons throughout the country.
2) Strengthen struggle, mobilise more and more people throughout the world for a Nuclear Free World and for World Peace.

S. Faisal Baloch
Balochistan Witness
P.O. Box 498, GPO Quetta, Pakistan

1) We will handout pamphlets on nuclear weapons, make presentation with visual materials, carry out signature campaign, and speak at the World Conference against A & H Bombs about the damage of Chaghi caused by nuclear testing, including the damage caused to the bio-diversity, people's lives and socio-economic deprivation. We will issue statements to the media on how Chaghi's political, economic, environmental, social and cultural aspects have been affected by the testing.
2) War brings poverty and peace brings prosperity. Peace and friendship among people and countries across the world. Join hands with the people of Chaghi against A and H bombs. Demilitarization and de-nuclearization of the world to value the human principles.


Urkyz Ilieva
International environmental group - Women of Orient

1) Collection of signatures for the abolition of nuclear weapons.
2) The nuclear weapons states must help victims of nuclear tests, especially woman and children.

Iskakova Gulnar
International Antinulear Movement "Nevada-Semipalatinsk"
Almaty, Kazakhstan

On6 August 2004 "Nevada-Semipalatinsk" is planning to conduct a meeting of solidarity with Japan in Semipalatinsk, collect signatures and pass the video material to Nagasaki to be viewed at your conference. The colleagues Japan Embassy in Kazakhstan will be certainly invited to participate in this meeting.


Lukina Tatyana Aleksandrovna
Smipalatinsk Amalgamated Association of Family Physicians
Semipalatinsk, Dostoevskiy str., 97 index 49 00 50
3222-56-82-11 garm@semsk.kz

1) Partnership with Japanese medical organizations with the expertise of treating nuclear victims. Rehabilitation of nuclear test victims. Organizing an international gathering of nuclear test victims. Enforcement of international law to help nuclear test victims.
2) We are for peaceful world without war and without nuclear weapons and for their elimination. We are with healthy nations in creating peace all over the world. Abolish nuclear weapons now!


Elma and Richard Harland
Grassington & District Peace Group
Yorkshire, UK fourwinds@onetel.net.uk

2) We shall not be represented at the conference but we are grateful to you for organizing a necessary gathering of those throughout the world who see the folly and the perils of possessing nuclear weapons. We send our heart-felt wishes for a constructive outcome to the conference. We, among the beautiful hills of Yorkshire, are among the oldest of the local Peace Group in Britain Since we began in 1981 we have suffered times of despair and disempowerment, but also we have helped in small ways to create encouragement and hope and mutual understanding far beyond our own locality.

Ken Coates
Chair, The Bertrand Russell Peace Foundation LTD

2) Dear Friend, Thank you most warmly for your kind invitation to participate in the World Conference against A&H Bombs, which will be held in Hiroshima and Nagasaki this August. This conference takes place at a time of great importance for the worldwide movement against nuclear weapons, and we want to give you all possible moral support. Unfortunately, I shall not be able to attend myself, because I am forbidden by my doctor from making long plane journeys. However, we strongly support your signature campaign, and look forward to new co-operation in the cause of the abolition of nuclear weapons. Recently we published a small book of poems by the English poet James Kirkup. It is entitled No More Hiroshimas, and we should like to present it to you in the hope that it will encourage further supporters.

Stewart Kemp
UK and International Nuclear Free Zone Local Authorities

Dear Friens,

Greetings from the Nuclear Free Local Authorities network here in the UK. We send our sincere good wishes to the 2004 A & H Bomb Conference and express our admiration for the dedication and commitment to the cause of peace and a nuclear weapons free world shown by both conference organizers and conference participants.

Your strength and vision is needed now more than ever.

We fear it has been a year where campaigners for peace and nuclear disarmament have lost ground rather than gained ground but we recognize that there is no alternative other than to pursue a nuclear weapon free world because the current trend towards greater nuclearization of armed forces and the potential for nuclear terrorism will eventually result in the tragedy and suffering of Hiroshima and Nagasaki being repeated somewhere. Mohammed El Baradei, the Director of the UN's International Atomic Energy Agency, had called this "a race against time".

Nuclear Free Local Authorities are now working closely with international Mayors for Peace to support their Emergency Campaign to Ban Nuclear Weapons. Civic leaders globally have a duty to speak out against the threats to the health and well being of their communities. No threat is greater or more imminent than that posed by nuclear weapons. We must continue our efforts to free ourselves of this menace.



Alois Reisenbichler
Voluntary members of the Peacebureau Vienna

Dear Friends,

The Viennese Peace Movement and the Hiroshima Group Vienna again will organize the annual manifestation 2004 in commemoration of the victims of the first atomic bombs on 6 August in Vienna, St. Stephans Square.

The lesson from Hiroshima and Nagasaki is of greater relevance than ever: despite the protest of millions of people war was fought against the people of Iraq. Reserch and development on new and above all employable nuclear weapons (mini-nukes, as described in the recent US military doctrin) is carried on. The nuclear arsenals of the so called new nuclear weapons states like India and Pakistan are threatening the world to the same extent as the stockpiles of the "old" ones or the "non-declared". We must say cleaely: There is no alternative to the abolition of all nuclear weapons. Most recently prominent and well-known personalities have raised their voices. They were alerting public opinion to the use of weapons of mass destruction (WMPs, "dirty bombs") by terrorists but also to the threat of use of nuclear weapons in doctrines like the preemptive strike. To speak out clearly: common work for a world without nuclear weapons and without war is more necessary than ever before.

Therefore we are kindly asking you to send us your MESSAGE OF SUPPORT for this very important event on 6th of August (Hiroshima-Day). We expect your kind message not later than the end of July.

All the incoming messageswill be collected in our webpage (http://www.hiroshima.at) and presented publicly at the manifestation in Vienna.

Your kind message is a very worthful help for our common goal:world without nuclear weapons and without war.

Yours sincerely,


Dr. E.E. Daniel
Department of Pharmacology, University of Alberta

9-10 Medical Science Bldg., Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, T6G2H7 daniel8@telus.net
2) As a disabled veteran of World War II, I send personal greetings and wishes for success in the struggle which must continue until every atomic weapon is destroyed.


Norma Becker
War Resisters League (WRL)

2) Accolades to you for Never Stopping in the struggle Against A & H Bombs.

Stanley Campbell
Rockford Peace & Justice Action Committee
623 Seventh St., Rockford, IL 61104, USA
Tel: 815-964-7111 peaeman50@aol.com

1) On Sunday, August 8, that evening, Rockford Peace & Justice Action Committee will gather along the Rock River in a beautiful park setting. This will be our 23rd Hiroshima commemoration. We hope to have a speaker from the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists.
2) Greetings from Rockford Peace & Justice Action Committee in Rockford, Illinois, United States! We send wishes for world peace and for the elimination of nuclear weapons, and we pledge our small resources to your cause. Someday we will send a representative from our group to Hiroshima and Nagasaki, but as of now we will be with you in spirit.

Mr. & Mrs. Milton Andrews
United Methodist Church
3057 S Higuera St Spc 156, San Luis Obispo CA 93401-6556

1) My wife and I are in our 80's and I have leukemia, so we cannot plan anything big of spectacles. But we will announce the 2004 Hiroshima and Nagasaki Days International Join Acton, and will observe a time of prayer and meditation in our little mobile home.
2) Dear member of the 2004 World Conference Against A&H Bombs, We agree with Dr. Howard Zinn: "I have is no flag large enough to cover the shame of killing innocent people." All weapons kill innocent people, and nuclear bombs and weapons are the worst of all. My God bless your conference, and bring us together in peace!

Hazel J. Merritt
President. Utah Navajo Downwinders
P.O. Drw. 450, Montezuma Creek, Utah 84534
Tel: (435) 651-3654 Fax: (435) 651-3654 hjmerritt7@hotmail.com

1) Utha Navajo Downwinders are the grassroots of the largest Indian tribe of the USA, the Navajo Indian. The Utah Navajo Downwinders organization plans to share information of how the Navajo mined the uranium without safety, and the government did not inform them the danger of the mining in causing health diseases and sickness to human. Today, Navajo people suffer illness from past uranium mining and the nuclear testing conducted in 1940s and 1950s in Nevada, which caused "downwind debris" that contaminated all the environment, air land and water as well as human. Radiation has caused illness to humanity and animals. Today the Navajo people and other nationalities are getting small amount of RECA Radiation Exposure Compensation act, compensation helps to pay the medical bills and others for the people. More and more education is being done for the people for those who have little of no education in native language.
2) As Native American, the Navajo Indian, we believe our "Holly Way", where Heaven and Earth cannot be destroyed and well for all living creatures. All creation was placed with holy prayers and songs by the "Holy People" at the beginning. Today, the Navajo people still pray and hold sacred songs and prayers before the "Holy Ones", our creator. Therefore, all nuclear weapons shall be abolished now.

Arnold H. Matlin, M.D.
Genesee Valley Citizens for Peace
P.O. Box 363 Geneseo, NY 14454, U.S. A.

1) We will hold our annual vigil in commemoration of the atomic bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. This will take place in the evening in the small village of Avon, New York. We will begin the vigil at sundown, and we will light candles to honor the innocent victims of this bombing. We have honored the dead and urged people to take the path of peace since 1972. This year's vigil will take place on Aug. 6.
2) We honor your commitment to peace and to a world free of nuclear weapons. Together will work for a peaceful world for our children and grandchildren.

Alfred L. Marder
President, U.S. Peace Council
Post Office Box 3105, Westville Station New Haven, Connecticut
Tel: (203) 387-0370 Fax: (203) 495-7111 amistad.nai@ren.com

Never in the 59 years struggle for the total abolition of nuclear weapons has the need for an accelerated global campaign of massive proportions been so stark. The Bush Administration demagogically, in a campaign of lies, used the legitimate fears of the people of nuclear war to illegally invade Iraq. The Bush Administration manipulated the years of education the anti-nuclear weapons campaign conducted about the dangers of nuclear weapons to justify the violation of international law by a pre-emptive strike whose obvious purposes were to control the resources of oil and establish bases in the Middle East.
Not only have the nuclear weapons powers refused to honor their solemn obligations under the Nuclear Proliferation Treaty, Article 6, to negotiation for the total abolition of nuclear weapons, but there is increased research into new nuclear weapons for conventional use on the battlefield and into space. Gone are the declarations of no first use, even against non-nuclear states. An atmosphere of fear and insecurity has been created under the pretext of fighting "terrorism."
World public opinion is the second superpower. It can frustrate the drive for global domination by the arrogant US administration and its junior partners. The entrance of the organization so f Mayors and Cities into the campaign, buttressed by the World Conference against Atomic and Hydrogen Bombs, in close cooperation with international and national peace organizations, can create a powerful bloc of opposition to the plans of the death merchants and their political allies.
The struggle for the abolition of nuclear weapons is integral to the struggle for peace. 2005 will commemorate the 60th Anniversary of the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The common bound, uniting all people of peace, all organizations dedicated to world peace, all faiths affirming peace as basic to their creed, must be "No More Hiroshimas and Nagasakis". We must organize to that end.


Umoja as One (Perfect mission for peace initiative)
Benson Ngure Kiragu

1) We will join others in the world in their actions against nuclear weapons.
2) As Africans we have suffered from wars and we would like to express our feelings against the atomic bombings.


Ackon Maxwell
International Voluntary Organization for Women, Education and Development
Box Ac553-Artcenter, Accra, Ghana
Tel: 233-27-7402023 Fax: 233-21-239859 videsgh@yahoo.co.uk

1) We strongly support you for your fight for disarmament, arms control, peace and non-proliferation. We send our representative in the name of Ackon Maxwell, a human right activist to join our brothers and sisters in Japan to celebrate this world memorable conference.
2) We send our message of condolence to the entire community of Hiroshima and Nagasaki for their memorable celebration. We strongly support them and condemn these heinous crimes committed against them. We hope that your memorable celebrations contribute to the cause of security and disarmament and that our wishes for peace will be fulfilled.   

International Organization

Edith Ballantyne
Former President, Woman's International League for Peace and Freedom (WILPF)

1) WILPF is holding its 28th triennial congress in Sweden, near Goteborg from 2-6 August. A special meeting will be held to remember Hiroshima and Nagasaki and in the evening participations will join the evening observance in the peace park in Goteborg.
2) WILPF representative will deliver WILPF's message.

Asia Africa Peoples' Solidarity Organization (AAPSO)
President, Mourad Ghaleb
Secretary-General, Nouri Abdul Razzak Hussain

1) We inform all our national committee to observe the Hiroshima and Nagasaki day by organizing seminars, discussions, roundtables and issuing statements in the press. The national committees should decide in which form they should observe this day, keeping in mind to provide a historical background of the Second World War leading to the disastrous of bombing the two Japanese cities, which is the biggest crime committee by the U.S. in the world. This shall not be repeated in the future and people are mobilized to agitate to ban the nuclear weapons once and for all. In this context, we would like to mention that AAPSO organized a seminar at its Head Office for the preparation of prep-com for NPT Review Conference in March 2004.
2) This year maks the 60th anniversary of the heinous crime of atom bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. It also coincide with the NPT Review Conference to be held in the same year. The US is the largest military power in the world and its voice in the NPT. Moreover, the nuclear weapons states practice this discriminately policy by two classes of world with nuclear "haves and have nots" becoming a permanent feature of the weapons landscape. At the same time, it doesn't want to be questioned of its right to maintain enormous stocks of nuclear weapons. The US is not in compliance with the NPT as more than 2000 US strategic nuclear warheads remain on Hair-Trigger alert and US sub-marines continue to control the seas as during the Cold War years. The 2005 US budget provides for upgrade for every nuclear weapons of the US stock to be over 285 million dollars over the 5 years. As NPT is the main bulwark in protecting the Human race, and it is the duty for the peace loving people to protect it. Its is the hope of people that other nuclear countries would join such a policy of confident building measures to prevent any nuclear disaster in the future. As the world entered the twenty first century, people had great expectations in the complete removal of nuclear weapons from the world. But unfortunately the opposite is taking place primary owing to the disastrous nuclear policy of the US.



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