Closing Plenary
2003 World Conference against A and H Bombs- Nagasaki
August 9, 2003

Dr. Jawad Al-Ali
Basrah, Iraq

Ladies & Gentlemen,

I have the honor to speak in this gathering and representing the people in Basrah City of Iraq.

I would like to express our sympathy to the families of the victims of Nagasaki's A-Bomb explosion and the Hibakusha.

You experienced a difficult situation during that times and now you are living a peaceful life but our people in Basrah City are suffering of radiation effects from the use of depleted uranium containing weapons by the American's during the Gulf War 2 in 1991 which led to increased cancer rate and also increased rate of malformed children.

We came from Iraq to join this ceremony and to strengthen the solidarity between Japanese people and Iraqi people in favor of elimination of weapons of mass destruction and to have a world without wars and without D.U. weapons.

And everybody will live in peace and love.