Opening Plenary
2003 World Conference against A and H Bombs- Nagasaki
August 7, 2003

Judith LeBlanc
National Steering Committee
United for Peace and Justice

Dear Sisters and Brothers,

It is a great honor to be in Hiroshima and now in Nagasaki to mark the days the world must never forget.

We, in the United States must remember Hiroshima and Nagasaki by organizing a stronger more united movement to end the Bush right wing policies of preemptive war and first strike nuclear attacks. We must fight as hard as Bush and the rightwing does for the hearts and minds of the people.

Bush made war on Iraq based on lies. Bush lied and now Iraqi and American people have died. Every day more people are beginning to question the Bush administration and the right wing's policies.

Out of the terrible tragedy of Sept. 11 and the immoral, illegal war on Iraq, a stronger movement for peace, justice and democracy has grown.

But dear friends we have much work to do to end the crisis our world faces.

We, in the United States face the challenge of organizing a movement that educates and, mobilizes the millions who are just now beginning to understand that war is wrong. The use of nuclear weapons is immoral. The war in Iraq was based on a lie. The war in Iraq was a war to gain control of a region and it's resources. We cannot be content to speak only to those who already know the truth. We must organize, organize, organize!

Our movement's mission is clear. We must unite ever broader sections of the people to fight the war policies and the devastating effects on the people of the world and the people of the United States.

We, in the peace movement must find new ways to facilitate the joint action of the religious, trade union, women, youth and students into the political arena and defeat the elected officials who preach war. Defeating Bush in 2004 is our aim.

Our movement for peace must also help the people to make the connection between the Bush administration's wars and occupations around the world with poverty and hunger at home.

It is a small world and now a very dangerous world.

We must fight, and fight with all our strength for a world without war or nuclear weapons. A world of peace with justice, a world of peace with democracy, a world of peace and economic security.

Like all great movements for social change, the peace movement must seize the new moment of historic dangers and turn it by the power of united mass political action into a victory for human kind.
No more Iraqs!

No more Hiroshimas!
Thank you.