For a Peaceful World Without War and Nuclear Weapons

Call for participation in the 2003 World Conference against A & H Bombs

February 13, 2003

Organizing Committee, World Conference against A & H Bombs


Dear friends in Japan and throughout the world,


We express solidarity with all people opposing war on Iraq and supporting a peaceful resolution of the crisis as well as with all people working to prevent the use of nuclear weapons and calling for the elimination of nuclear weapons.  In the midst of a crisis over Iraq, we announce that the 2003 World Conference against A and H Bombs will take place in Hiroshima and Nagasaki on August 3 to 9, 2003 with the hope of achieving a 21st century free of nuclear weapons and war.


We call on anti-nuclear and peace movements, NGOs and grassroots organizations, and national and local governments to participate in and support the World Conference, irrespective of social position, ideology, creed, or nationality.


With its preemptive military strike strategy that is banned by the U.N. Charter, the U.S. Bush administration is now preparing for a war on Iraq.  It is defying the international community's efforts to have U.N. weapons inspections continued and even strengthened to achieve a peaceful resolution. It goes so far as to threaten to initiate a preemptive strike that includes the possible use of nuclear weapons on the pretext of the need to deter the development of weapons of mass destruction.


International criticism for these moves has been growing and even U.S. allies have expressed strong opposition to the planned war.  Thus, the movement opposing a war on Iraq has become global.  This situation demands that we renew our efforts to prevent the use of nuclear weapons, and urge nuclear weapons states to implement their undertaking to abolish nuclear weapons and defend the peace rules of the U.N. Charter.


Repelled by the horrors of the past two world wars and the tragic experiences of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, the world has established the principles of peace in the U.N. Charter and made major strides toward the abolition of nuclear weapons.  In 2000, an "unequivocal undertaking" of nuclear weapons states was agreed upon in order to accomplish the total elimination of their nuclear arsenals.  In last year's U.N. General Assembly, resolutions calling for the implementation of this "undertaking" were adopted by an overwhelming majority of member states.  These are a clear manifestation of the global demand for the abolition of nuclear weapons.  Let us oppose any adverse moves, including attempts to use, develop or acquire nuclear weapons.  Let us demand that this agreement by nuclear weapons states be put into practice without delay.


During the last half century, the Movement against A & H Bombs, together with the Hibakusha (A-bomb survivors), has contributed to the call for "No More Hiroshimas, No More Nagasakis" heard throughout the world.  At the crossroads of war or peace and of more threats of nuclear weapons or their elimination, we are renewing our resolve to make new advances.  We criticize the government of Japan, representing the only atomic-bombed country that has renounced war in Article 9 of the Constitution, for condoning the U.S. preemptive nuclear strike policy as an "option" and embarking on the road leading to Japan's further cooperation with U.S. wars, and we will strive to reverse the government position.



In the effort to form a majority force demanding a peaceful world without wars and nuclear weapons, we call on all concerned to encourage diverse activities and solidarity.  In recent years, government representatives have attended in the World Conference.  Let us enhance cooperation with them.  We call on you to organize varied activities, including A-bomb photo exhibitions and signature-collection campaigns on Hiroshima Day (Aug. 6) and Nagasaki Day (Aug. 9) throughout the world.  We also ask you to join or support the Nation-Wide Peace March against A & H Bombs in which participants will walk to Hiroshima and Nagasaki from across Japan.

We again call on you to further develop the movement and cooperation from the grassroots level in Japan as well as throughout the world, and participate in and support the 2003 World Conference against A and H Bombs.