2002 World Conference Against A & H Bombs

Plenary Meeting, Nagasaki

Romesh Chandra

President of Honour of the World Peace Council

I bring greetings from the World Peace Council.

The struggle of the peace and anti-nuclear movement in Japan is a key and vital part of the common struggle for a peaceful and promising world without nuclear weapons.

Your struggle is our struggle.

We declare our full and unshakable solidarity with your campaigns to end the U.S.-Japan military alliance and for the liquidation of U.S. bases in Japan.

We declare our full and unshakable solidarity with your actions to defend article 9 of Japanfs Constitution. Those who seek to remove article 9 are enemies of Japan, they are enemies of the worldwide movement for peace.

We declare our full and unshakable solidarity with your struggles for the three non-nuclear principles.

We declare our full and unshakable solidarity with your vast and growing movement against the contingency bills.

Your struggle is our struggle.

We have come to stand side by side with the Hibakusha and support their demands for compensation.

The Declaration of the International Meeting of this World Conference calls for common actions, for working together, for uniting our efforts.

No one country, no one movement or organization can win alone. But together, and only if we act together, can we win. All who stand for the elimination of nuclear weapons—popular, non-governmental organisations (NGOs), the anti-nuclear governments, the United Nations, the Non-Aligned Movement, the New Agenda group.

The dangers facing all humankind, the dangers of the complete destruction of life on earth are greater than ever before.

The United States imperialists, President Bush and his closest associates, have declared their determination to carry out gpre-emptiveh wars against any country, which refuses to fall on its knees before the corporate monster. The first victim is to be Iraq.

The U.S. administration has unilaterally abrogated the ABM treaty: gStar Warsh are on its agenda again.

The U.S. so-called gretaliationh after the September 11 attacks in New York and Washington, brought death to hundreds of civilians in Afghanistan. The U.S. government leaders are seeking to fan the perilous flames of the tensions and conflicts between India and Pakistan, which have reached new heights after their nuclear weapon tests.

Poverty, hunger and disease, caused principally through the plunder of developing countriesf resources, and by corporate, capitalist globalisation are taking millions of lives and threatening more millions.

New and greater dangers are being fought by new and mightier peoplesf demonstrations , meetings, signature campaigns by millions, for peace and justice, against the U.S. Doctrine of gPre-emptive Nuclear Attacksh, against so-called humanitarian intervention.

The call of our conference is clear:

Stop the nuclear war danger!

Stop the U.S. drive for hegemonic domination!

Stop the makers of nuclear weapons, nuclear war—stop the makers of poverty and hunger!

Stop the destroyers of the environment!

Let us carry forward the great traditions of the World Conferences against Atomic and Hydrogen Bombs.

We, the peace and anti-nuclear forces are growing stronger and shall grow even more powerful in greater and greater unity.