International Meeting

2002 World Conference against A & H Bombs


Association for National Reconciliation and Independent Reunification Republic of Korea

Ever Increasing Nuclear War Crisis in Korean Peninsula and Joint Actions of Peace-Loving Forces in the world

1. Ever Increasing Nuclear War Crisis in Korean Peninsula

There is a rumor of war crisis in the year of 2003 in the Korean peninsula. According to this rumor, there is a worry of re-emergence of the possibility of war in the Korean peninsula like in 1994.

The Korean peninsula is in the center of military hegemony and sharp military conflicts by the Bush administration, like almost everywhere in the world in order to make USA's realization and maintenance of military hegemony and unilateralism. The military crisis in the Korean peninsula has ever increased since Bush came to power and made his strong position on North Korea clear, which is to destroy North Korea by force and designate the Korean peninsula as the first experiment place of MD installation, which is the core of a new hegemony strategy.

His irrational strategy on North Korea has ever heightened in the midst of Bush administration's hegemony policy, being more arrogant than ever before and unilateral since the victory in the Afghanistan war. Without hesitation, Bush made his intention clear to strike a preemptive war against North Korea and he singled out Iraq, Iran, and North Korea as the 'axis of evil' in his state of the union address. Since the NPR, which indicated nuclear offense against 7 countries, was released by the Bush administration right after mentioning the axis of evil, the whole world including our nation is in shock.

According to this NPR, not only China and Russia, but also countries like North Korea, Iran, Iraq, Syria, Libya, etc., which do not have nuclear arms at present, were designated as objects of nuclear attack, instructing to produce small tactic nuclear weapons for this use. This NPR shows through USA's new national security strategy which identifies the preemptive attacks on "hostile groups and states". Preemptive offence strategies mean that preemptive attack against those terrorist and enemy countries will be used with nuclear weapons and live-chemical weapons.

This NPR clearly expresses that USA itself could break its traditional promise to never attack countries which do not have nuclear weapons and it shows USA's arrogance that USA could break its promise whenever necessary in order to pursue hegemony in the world in spite of international opinions. Also, this NPR clearly shows the Bush administration's immorality and irrationality by pursuing its hegemony even at the expense of humanitys survival or global security. And this Nuclear Preemptive offense plan is directed predominantly at North Korea.

USA, searching for any chance to attack North Korea, kept its warning against North Korea's possible responsive attack against USA's preemptive offence. In 1994, USA gave up the idea to start a preemptive attack against North Korea in the last minutes for fear North Korea's reprisal attack would cause extraordinary injury to the USA. NPR clearly shows US' intention to attack North Korea without any determent, leaving North Korea completely powerless to attempt any reprisal attack.

NPR of USA is a direct violation of the Geneva Agreed Framework between North Korea and USA in 1994, which says, "U.S. will provide formal assurances to the DPRK, against the threat or use of nucler weapons by the U.S." This shows that USA has no intention of keeping its promise with North Korea but interested only in the destruction of North Korea by military force.

On the other hand, the Bush administration doubled its speed of military readiness to make nuclear preemptive attack capability on Korean peninsula. Even though USA said it withdrew nuclear weapons out of Korea in the early part of the 1990's, it does not necessarily mean the nuclear attack capability by USA against North Korea has lessened.  USA's withdrawal of nuclear weapons out of Korea does not have any real meaning as far as South Korea is under USA's nuclear umbrella. USA has the power to employ or withdraw nuclear weapons in Korea at its will in accordance with the Korea-USA Mutual Defense Agreement and USA can easily employ nuclear weapons in Korea through air or sea from US military bases in the Pacific area. 

It is a sign of preemptive offense against all areas in North Korea. USA is busy in development and installation of nuclear bunker-busters, to selling and installation of ATACMS missiles to South Korea. The Bush administration is already employing remote control over CJTMOC and is hurrying to dispatch Aegis destroyer in East Sea by 2003 and PAC-3. Through this action, the Bush administration makes North Korea completely powerless in advance when North Korea is attacked by preemptive offense by USA.Meanwhile, Bush administration conducted Korea-USA military joint exercises, so-called Eagle, last March, the greatest scale since the armistice in 1953 and in continuation exercised military joint drill in fashion of real war on the West Sea in anticipation of war against North Korea. Furthermore, USA pressured Japan to revise legislation in an extraordinary time to involve Japan in the Korean peninsula in case of a possible war. 

The Bush administration forces North Korea to accept nuclear inspection in order to find an excuse to wage a preemptive attack against North Korean, preparing a war@ against North Korea. In according to the Agreed Framework between USA and North Korea in 1994, nuclear inspections shall be accepted by North Korean authority with the consultation with IAEA "When a significant portion of the light water reactor project is completed, but before delivery of key nuclear components".

However, the Bush administration is forcing North Korea to accept nuclear inspection by claiming that it will take 3 or 4 years to complete the inspection, without taking any responsibility for delaying construction of light water power plant. In view of current speed of construction, the power plant will be completed in 2009. The reason why the USA is forcing North Korea to accept the nuclear inspection at an early stage is to dump any responsibility for delaying construction of power plant on North Korea and to justify its invasion of North Korea.

If USA keeps faithfully the 10 12 joint communiqu  of North Korea-USA, a peace treaty system in Korean peninsula will be possible, ending the cold war in this area. In spite of that, the Bush administration is demolishing an agreement with North Korea and it is exerting its threat of nuclear attack against North Korea. This means that Bush himself is the one who destroys peace in the Korean Peninsula.

2. Anti-USA and Anti-War Struggle by Korean People

Korean People(Minjung) is struggling in order to restore national self-reliance and peace in Korean peninsula, deterring Bush's hegemony and war policy. Korean Minjung was struggling to deter and condemn Bush's visit to Korea last February, rising up resolutely with laborers, farmers, the poor, students, intellectuals, religious people, women, etc. And Korean Minjung were struggling strongly against F-15K purchase pressures from USA to satisfy the belly of the military-industry giants. Even now Korean Minjung is daily struggling against the USA military authority in Korea for killing two Korean middle-school girls by American GIs' armored vehicle in Korea, demanding an apology from President Bush, forming ad hoc committee which includes bereaved family members and representatives from civil organizations, to investigate and punish those responsible for that crime and revising the unequal SOFA.

Our nations people, whose very lives are at stake, cannot accept the Bush administration's policy on North Korea which goes contrary to peace and national reunification in Korean peninsula. Therefore, through our nation's struggle against Bush's war policy against Korean peninsula, we could deter Bush's war attempt on Korean peninsula and realize peace in Korean peninsula and the world.

3. Peace-Loving Forces United to Realize World Peace Anew

When war breaks out in the Korean Peninsula, it will not end with Korean People's suffering and pain only. It is clear that war is to be expanded into far north east of Asia, considering the conflicting political systems and the powers surrounding Korean peninsula.  If this occurs, people's yearning for world peace and all of humanity's efforts exerted toward the world peace by peace-loving and progressive forces will be inevitably destroyed into bit.

Right now there's a strong criticism of Bush's hegemony and unilateralism world wide and even within the USA. We urge and exhort you peace-loving forces in the world to join us in our urge and exhort USA government to change its policy toward North Korea and to faithfully keep the Geneva Agreed Framework and Oct. 12 joint communiqu  between North Korea and USA. 

We expose the illegality and injustice of USA's military troops stationed in Korea to the whole world and we hope you will support our struggle and demand USA military troops, which is the original source of tension in the Korean peninsula, to leave Korea.  Furthermore, we urge you to join us in deterring and condemning the militarization of Japan and any plans for invading the Korean peninsula again. And we urge and exhort you peace-loving forces in the world to continue to endeavor for peace.