Opening Rally, Hiroshima

2002 World Conference against A & H Bombs

Kim Seung Kuk

Association for National Reconciliation and Independent Reunification


Dear Friends,

Our organization, the Association for National Reconciliation and Independent Reunification, Ji-To-Kyo, consists of various organizations such as Korean Confederation of Trade Unions, Democratic Labor Party, and movements for the poor and for peace.  We work for peace as well as for the unification of the Korean Peninsula and we play a major role in anti-war, anti-US campaigns for peace.

The latest action we are taking is in protest against an incident in which two school girls were killed by US forces. The incident has the same nature as what happened in Okinawa in 1995.

On 13 June this year, this cold-blooded killing occurred when a US armored car hit two 14-year-old girls in Northern Seoul. This incident gave rise to anti-US sentiments among the Korean people.  We are demanding an official apology from US President Bush but the US has not responded to our request yet. This murder has been given big coverage by newspapers in Korea and we have made a video and a CD-ROM that recorded the incident. 

I am in charge of making an e-mail magazine. The magazine, "Peace-making" is available in the Korean language and I'd like to make a Japanese version. I'd greatly appreciate it if any volunteers could help me with making a Japanese version of this e-mail magazine.  Thank you.