2002 World Conference against A & H Bombs

Hiroshima – Closing Plenary

Tekoti Rotan

This is my farewell speech to you all members of Hibakusha and Gensuikyo movement, womenfs group and youth group.

My message come from the word of God in the bible, found in the gospel of St. Mathew chapter 6: verse 33 – it reads, gBut seek Ye first the kingdom of god and his righteousness and all these things shall be added unto you.h

For a long time you and me had relied too much on what the scientist and our political leader said to us.

But what did we find? It only brings trouble, poverty, and death to us.

Today I ask you all to give god a chance, petition him with all our problems and ask him in prayer to solve our problems for us.

Peace is what all of us have wanted to bring to all nations of the world. This peace is not the thing of this world. Peace is god work. Only true and lasting peace come from god. So let us join together in asking god to help us bring peace to this world.

I will now re-tell some story to you to explain what I said earlier. Some time ago, the American sent a mission (or sent a man to the moon). The scientist believed the earth and the moon were created many millions years ago. So on this mission to the moon, they sent two spaceships. One big one and one small one. The small spaceship was to land on the moon with one man. The legs of the small spaceship was fitted with floats to stop it from sinking in the dust on the moon.

The shoes of the astronaut were made of floats to prevent his from sinking in the dust on the moon.

When the small spaceship landed on the moon, it did not sink because no dust on the moon. When t he astronaut put his foot on the surface of the moon he declared, gItfs solid.h

This proves the theory of the scientist wrong. Because only god knows all about the universe and no one else. That is why I said, please give a chance to god to help us in our joint work to bring peace to the world.

Let us all go back with strong faith in god. And ask him in prayer to help all of us in the good work to bring peace to the world.

Lastly I want to remind us about the story of the great city of Jerico in the olden days. The Israel after defeating and conquering so many nations and big citys, found out that they could not conquer and destroy the city of Jerico. So they turned to their god, the living god of the new testament and pray for help and guidance.

The living god said to them. This is what you have to do. You are to march around the walls of the city of Jerico once a day for 6 days, and on the 7th day you are to march around it 7 times. After the 7th time, you are to yield aloud. The Israel believed in their god. The loving god and obey what he told them.

On the 7th round after they yield aloud, the wall of the city of Jerico crumbled o the ground. The soldiers went inside and killed the enemy.

Thus they city of Jerico was conquered and destroyed not by nuclear bombs but by faith in god. Please remind your politicians about this story. They donft need millions of dollars for military budget. They need millions of dollars to fight poverty and unlawnessness in their country.

If all governments do this, thus we will have god peace on this world.

In Jesus name, I share these information to you . God bless you all. Amen.