2002 World Conference against A & H Bombs

Closing Rally, Hiroshima

Wu Kesheng

Program Organizer, CPAPD

Dear and respected Chairman of the Steering Committee;

Ladies and gentlemen;

Today, it gives an honor to attend this 2002 World Conference.  First of all, please allow me on behalf of the peace workers from the Chinese Peoplefs Association for Peace and Disarmament to express warm regards to those who had suffered so much from the nuclear bombs in Hiroshima and Nagasaki as well as to the Hibakusha present today.

The August in Japan, particularly in Hiroshima is hot indeed.  However, thousands of people in spite of the summer heat and in high spirit, are here for this magnificent gathering, making an appeal of building a peaceful world without nuclear weapons. This occasion is moving and encouraging.  I myself as a peace worker feel encouraged and more hopeful, and a huge motive force represented by the people cherishing for peace and a world without nuclear weapons.

It is noble cause for people of all countries to make concerted efforts for maintaining regional and global peace.  Since the end of the Cold War, peace and development are still the main themes of our time despite of profound changes of the international situation.  Ethnic and religious problem in quite a few places are deteriorating, conflicts in some other regions are upgrading, terrorist activities are still far from being eliminated so the human society is facing up numerous problems and there is still a long road and heavy task for us before we could achieve the peace we are longing for.

The rocketing progress of science and technology has created a brilliant civilization for mankind and advance the human society.  Unfortunately, the scientific achievements are also utilized as military means to strike targets, thus delivering unimaginable loss of life and property.  The scale of destruction of all weapons of mass destruction including nuclear weapons is well known.  We should make common efforts for complete prohibition and thorough destruction of nuclear weapons on an early date.  I believe that since human kind has the capability to develop nuclear weapons, it also has the wisdom to eliminate the threat to itself.

The Japanese peace campaign has been making efforts for decades in order to build a peaceful world without nuclear weapons.  The high inspiration, extensive influence and huge participation have made the Japanese peace campaign a significant force for world peace.  I am confident that the people of China and Japan will further enhance cooperation on the basis of friendly exchanges for 30 years after normalization of relations, and are ready to work with people of the world longing for peace and opposing nuclear weapons, their unremitting efforts shall finally greet the arrival of a peaceful world without nuclear weapons.

Thank you!