International Meeting
World Conference against A&H Bombs 2000

Olga Alexandrova
Union of Nuclear Test Victims - Altay Branch, Russia

My name is Olga Alexandrova.  I come from Russia.  I was deeply impressed when I visited the Memorial Museum and would like to express my sincere solidarity and support to participants of this meeting.  However I would like to talk on the different theme.

This is my first visit to Japan.  As was the report by my colleague, Tatiana Leshenko, in the morning session, much has been talked about the current situation of the victims of nuclear tests and medical treatment for them.  Now is the time to talk about the convalescence of the victims.

I am the representative of a tourism company that specializes in convalescence and medical treatment.  The Altay region is with reason called the second Switzerland and people are more and more interested in visiting there for recreation and convalescence.

The economic situation in Russia has improved and the legal system has been properly set up.  This makes a good condition for the investment into recreation/convalescence industry by State and private entities.  Moreover it has become possible to provide cheap and effective convalescence based on programs of sports/tourism/medical care etc.

My company is making travel/recreation/medicare arrangement for not only residents in the Altay region but also for people from other parts of Russia as well as from abroad.

At sanatoriums with which we tie up, the effect of the treatment in every aspect is appearing.  For example in Belokrif, a resort city, the radon hot springs are making a good effect on the nervous/circulatory/internal secretion/muscle organ illnesses, metabolic disorder, skin disease etc.  Chemal is a good place for treatment for respiratory diseases.  The saline lake in the steppe is comparable to the Dead Sea for its mud therapy.  The bath with the antler essence has been known for more than 150 years.

We have many kinds of herbs in Altay and there is a saying that each herb sprouts for each illness.  By making most of the blessings of beautiful nature, in Biisk, my hometown, high quality medicines are produced.

Our group is also involved in the convalescent program and prepares various medicare/recreation plans.  Special discount would be provided to a group of 8 to 10 nuclear victims.
Please come to the Altay.

I have brought some samples of the medicine.  If you are interested, please come and talk to me during the break and other free time.

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