International Meeting
2000 World Conference against A & H Boms

Maraym Sharipova
International Environmental Association of Women of Orient

My name is Sharipova Maraym, and I'fm really glad I'm here.  First of all I want to thank all organizer's for the invitation to participate be in this big conference.

I was born in south-east Almaty region, near the Chinese border.  In my family there were five sisters.  When I was five years old, my mom died.  And we were orphaned, and we had to carry all the burden of the family with many children.  I always tried to help my older sisters in the field, house and the yard.  But sometimes I felt giddy, sick and tired.  Soon I noticed that my sisters also had problems with their health.  My dad thought that this is from malnutrition.

After some years, I became a medical worker.  From International ecological association women of East, and I got to know about the Chinese range, Lobnor and about the negative things for all the people who live there.  I live in Almaty, I don't have problems with food, but all the time I have to visit the doctor, and every time they tell me; you have anaemia.  In Chundzha, where Kazak and Uigur women live, anaemia is 97.3%.  Most say that this is a symptom of transitional period malnutrition, stress.  I think that this is not the answer.  Because when there was the war and people had malnutrition all the time, and they worked 16-18 hours a day, they didn't have problems with anaemia, cancer.  I always go to see my place where I was born.  Doctors told me that in latter years children-monsters are growing, anaemia mother's birth-rate sick children.  I have photos.  This is what doctor Mamirhanova Banv Chapaevna, doctor in Chundzha said.  In 2000, 11 cases VPR like after 40 days of life kids are getting yellow, pressure is loss of weight, and then they die.

Dzhumabekova Maygul 30 years old village Aktam pregnancy 38-39 weeks.  Nv. Blood 7-16.  10 12/cl.  Nv ? 5.8 ?/cl.  Pregnancy is fourth birth-rate is second.  1 M/a; first pregnancy unauthorized miscarriage.  The bay Nirganatov muhit 1 year and 5 month (28. 11. 99) anaemia second stage mirkashinova ayaul 11 mounth; 6kg (6.08.99) anaemia first stage.  When her mom was pregnant she had a really high anaemia, and she still sick (Nv ? 70 ?/cl).

Dear friend, this is only some of them, There are many many others.  Miss Ilieva told me about japan about world conference against A and H bombs, who wants 21 century without atomic bombs.  This is my first time in Japan, and I am delighted by the people of this country.  I want to work with you.

No Hirosimas!  No Nagasakis! No Semeys!  No Lop Nors!

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