Message from Overseas to 2000 World Conference against A H Bombs
(As of Aug. 9, 2000)

New Zealand Government
Matt Robson, Disarmant and Arms Control

Ireland Government
Darach Mac Fhionnbbairr, Department of Foreign Affairs
Regrettably, I will not be in a position to participate at this Conference due to circumstances beyond my control. I wish you every success with the Conference.

New Zealand
Peace Council Aotearoa-New Zealand, Barney Richards
The Peace Council sends best wishes to all who take part in the World Conference. We deplore the reckless and dangerous plans by the US to undermine the ABM Treaty. Solidarity is even more important at this time. Never give up the fight for a nuclear-free world.

National Consultative Committee on Disarmament, Desmond Brough
I do wish to extend both my best wishes for a successful conference and provide the latest NCCD Disarmament Times for possible inclusion as a conference paper.

Waiwhetu -Lower Hutt Peace Group, Arthur Quinn
Once again we send a greeting to all who work for the abolition of all nuclear weapons and all who attend the various demonstrations of solidarity during the commemoration at Hiroshima and Nagasaki.
Once again we wish that the beginning of 21st century might have been a celebration that we had removed the threat of these horrendous weapons forever.
However, that has not yet been possible. Many people and enterprises have a financial stake in nuclear weapons, developing new types of weapons to kill people and despoil the environment. Merchants parade their wares to Governments where politicians sell their souls to be part of the system advocating rearmament, and bribing their electorates with defence contracts.
Peace is disrupted in so many places around the world where people go short of food, fresh water, health and medical services, but are plagued with proliferation of weapons from the developed countries.
This must change. Governments will have to remove the profit from war, and the machinery of war. There will have to be an investment in peace, a cancellation of debts to poor countries. It will only be done by people in organizations such as those represented in this commemoration.
We condemn the testing of missiles designed to build a defensive shield against nuclear armed missiles, and so enable the conduct of a nuclear war from behind cover. It is unlikely, but it will cost many billions of dollars, yen pounds and other measures of wealth diverted to criminal waste. For a few it will bring wealth and luxury.
We have much to do; but are enheartened to know that a growing number of people are working for peace in many different ways, and hope that those at the gatherings in Hiroshima and Nagasaki will enjoy comradeship that will give renewed strength to movements throughout the world.
Finally we pay tribute to all those who have sacrificed so much in this cause. One that stands out is nuclear whistle blower, Mordechai Vanunu, almost 14 years in prison, 11 and a half of them in solitary confinement. He remains solidly committed to the abolition of all nuclear weapons, and we must do more to persuade the Israeli Government to release him to freedom.
Let this be a goal and a milestone for the remainder of year 2000. Please accept our grateful thanks for the organization of these international gatherings, they are a beacon light pointing the way to peace.

Australian Manufacturing Workers' Union ( AMWU ), Doug Cameron
Please be advised that the National Administrative Committee of the AMWU has resolved to note your correspondence however participation at the meeting will not be possible on this occasion due to other international commitments. On behalf of the AMWU I would extend our fraternal greetings to delegates and a successful Conference.

Pax Christi, Michael Henry
Pax Christi Australia is aware of your 2000 World Conference in Hiroshima and Nagasaki in August this year. We have promoted the conference in our National journal Disarming Times and are hopeful that one or two of our readers may attend your important conference.
Pax Christi, as an ecumenical Christian Movement, shares your goals of eliminating all nuclear weapons and like you, works steadily for total disarmament.
Do pass on our greetings and best wishes to the Conference ornaganisers and to all those attending. We express solidarity with you and will be keen to read of your discussions around the theme: Action and Co-operation for a Nuclear-Free 21st Century

Sri Lanka
Diyawanna Oya Govi Parisara Samitiya
We gladly welcome the 2000 World Conference Against A H Bombs organizing committees and their efforts for the prevention of nuclear war, a total ban and eliminate all nuclear weapons and the solidarity with the Hibakusha, the A-Bomb suffers.

Afro Asian Peoples Solidarity Committee of Nepal, Rishi Bahadur Basnet
We strongly support the efforts of Gensuikyo to promote peace and joint actions programs for a Nuclear-Free 21st Century. We do not want nuclearisation and we do not like to live in a horror of nuclear war-nuclear weapons. We want every success of the International Conference. Long live Afro Asian Solidarity. Long live peace.

Save the World, Shiva Shrestha
The A H bombs are the devil of the 20th century, now casting its gruesome shadows on the 21st century. We should all beware of the menace of these weapon system because it tills indiscriminately. We must cast away this weapon system as we awake in the dawn of the 21st century. As we commemorate the victims of Hiroshima & Nagasaki in 1945 we must pledge ourselves to peace and move ahead towards peace by rejecting violence in the solution of conflicts the pressure of national interest. We require leaving for an international understanding in peace and fraternity. Let us abolish nuclear weapons NOW!!

Committee for Peace Action, Surya Lal, President
World people want peace, not war. So do we. Not only the Japanese people together with the people all over the world, we the Nepalese people also strongly support the "Appeal from Hiroshima and Nagasaki"and demand the complete ban on nuclear weapons and all kinds of its testing.
As we know still today, the world is loaded with over 30000 nuclear weapons with many-many strong military bases in the different parts of the world and military exercises, which is continuously threatening the survival of human-kind and the future of our planet. This is a grave situation. So we must not allow this situation to continue further more in the 21st Century. We firmly belief that in the coming years this situation can be changed and for this we must mobilize strongly our strength up to the grassroot and solidarity actions must be fortified.

Committee for Peace Action, Ganeshman Saiju
We know that now in Japan, the preparations for the 2000 World Conference is going on. This year too, we are wiling to participate the conference. Our organization always stands with the Japan peace movement. So we wish the Conference to be the most successful and creative one.

ABCP, Nepal Center, Loke D. Basrachary
On the eve of new millennium, our two neighbors, India and Pakistan, manifested themselves as nuclear powers by conducting two nuclear tests. They choose the dates of three tests on the very auspicious day of Buddha Jayanti celebration day. These actions do send a strong message to the whole world community of these intentions. However, we, the citizens of the world community, need to combine our voice and strength and till these countries that nuclear arms race do not benefit anyone but harm the very citizens that they intend to protect. It is economic development but not nuclear development that benefit all as has been shown by history through the sufferings and regeneration of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

Nepal Peace Bureau
We hope the conference will be very fruitful to build a better world. Hope the conference will give more emphasis against nuclear weapons.

Centre for Cultural, Educational, Economical and Social Studies, J. Narayana Rao
No ambition is more greater than the Dream for a World without Nuclear Weapons.

All India State Government Employees Federation
Wish the World Congress Against Atomic and Hydrogen Bombs full success with maximum participation from different countries of the world.

All India State Government Employees Federation, Sukomal Sen
Wish the World Conference Against Atomic and Hydrogen Bombs full success with maximum participation from different countries of the world.

All India Peace and Solidarity Organisation, M.M. Baby
I am extremely thankful to you for having extended an invitation to the World Conference Against Atomic and Hydrogen Bombs. Due to pressing prior commitments, I am very sorry to inform you that it would be difficult for me to participate in this very important conference. However, incase the invitation can be renewed on another occasion next year or so, I would definitely try my best to make myself available for the conference. I would also like to extend my heartiest best wishes for the success of the conference.

Centre of Indian Trade Unions, M.M. Lawrence
The threat of nuclear weapons is growing in the world today than ever before. Governments in many countries, including India are testing and developing nuclear weapons and are desirous of joining the Nuclear Club, while people around the world in general desire peace and work for it. Huge amount of public funds are squandered away while millions of people are impoverished and are kept below the poverty line. Millions of children in most developing countries are dying out of malnutrition. Mass starvation deaths are also taking place in Sub Saharan Africa and certain other regions. Even in this grim situation the developed countries in North America, Europe and Russia spend trillions of dollars in nuclear armament making this planet a dangerous place to live.
The main hurdle to achieve total nuclear disarmament is the U.S. imperialism. The United States offer nuclear umbrella to as many governments, which are willing to accept their hegemony and in the process secure economic domination the world over. The comprehensive Test Ban Treaty (CTBT) which is highly discriminatory promote weaponisation by nuclear power states led by the United States making total disarmament an elusive goal. For this reason the people of India oppose the CTBT, while the Indian Government is striving for a consensus in India to enable the Indian Government to become a signatory of CTBT - a treaty rejected by the U.S. Congress.
The dangerous situation that prevails is that United States, the sole country, which used atom bomb on humanity, extol others to trust the U.S. Government by falling in line with non-proliferation regime. The need of the hour is a firm resolve and a credible guarantee of non-use of nuclear weapons. This is achievable only by involving peace-loving people of the whole world in every country and every government on equal status. I wish the 2000 World Conference against atomic and hydrogen weapons would help in a great way towards this goal.

National Academy of Youth Development Education, D.S. Chimurkar
People of the world unite to ban the bombs of total annihilation.

All India Peace And Solidarity Organization (AIPSO), B.S. Koteswara Rao
That the existence and use of nuclear weapons pose the greatest threat to the survival of mankind. The nuclear disarmament is the only ultimate guarantee against the use of nuclear weapons. We need a multilateral agreement prohibiting the use or threat of use of nuclear weapons should strengthen international security and help to create the climate for negotiations leading to the complete elimination of nuclear weapons.

Indian Medical Association (IMA), Dilip D Chaudhary
The conference should be a grand success as a condition for peace and genuine security. For a world movement to eliminate all nuclear weapons and ban all nuclear tests, we all should make a firm commitment to:
1. Press each government to make clear commitment to the elimination of weapons
2. Demand a ban on al forms of nuclear weapon tests including sub critical ones
3. Call for abandoning he policy on the first use of nuclear weapons

Indian Institute for Peace, Disarmament Environmental Protection, Anuradha Kurvey
While studying medicine, I came across the book "Hiroshima Diary" written by a Japanese doctor and moved by the physical and mental pain of the atom bombs victims. India and Pakistan have tested the nuclear bombs. Due to misunderstanding and lack of confidence both the countries are standing on the precipice of the nuclear war and annihilation.
Due to misinformation and over jealous fanatic army officers from both sides may start nuclear war between these two counties. India and Pakistan had lacing basic facilities e.g. clear water, proper medical facilities etc. I shedder if the nuclear bombs were dropped? Our basic structure will be collapsed.
It is the first and foremost duty of the young boys and girls to educate themselves with immediate and long-range effects of atomic weapons and creates awareness among youths and in society. Indian Institute for Peace, Disarmament Environmental Protection has arranged "No More Hiroshimas: No More Nagasakis" peace exhibitions in various places in India, and I worked as volunteer and came across so many young people and elderly people who are ignorant of the effects caused by the atomic bombs. Many Hibakushas from Japan have visited our Institute and I attended many meetings with them and was moved with horrible effects narrated by them. I want to attend the World Conference Against A & H Bombs to learn from the Japanese people and fro the youth. By attending World Conference, I want to learn about nuclear bombs, which were dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki and how I can spread the message Nuclear Weapons Free World.

Indian Institute for Peace, Disarmament & Environmental Protection, Balkrishna Kurvey
Would Conference Against A & H Bombs is doing men's duty for abolition of Nuclear Weapons from the planet earth and Nuclear Free 21st century. The recent Nuclear Bombs testing by India and Pakistan is unfortunate and un-necessary. Our bigger bombs are our poverty, illiteracy, un-employment, and lack of basic amenities. We have to educate the Indian people and people of the World that real power strength (development) come from the Economic Development and not from the Bombs.

Science for Society, C.R. Dutta
Please raise your voice for a total ban and the elimination of all nuclear weapons from the soil of the world.

Jawaharlal Nehru University Students Union-New Delhi (JNUSU), Ginu Zacharia Oommen
We, the (JNUSU), on behalf of the student community appeal for a world free from all forms of fear, where the collective consciousness of humanity would overcome the prevailing hierarchal structures of power and exploitations. While the threat of a nuclear catastrophe looms over the world, it shall be our endeavor to carry forward the dreams and aspirations of today of a nuclear free world to the coming millennium, when the tensions in this regard are bound to assume unprecedented dimensions. As we stand besides the living Martyred of human tragedy, we ourselves dedicated for unending struggle and sacrifice for a world of light and freedom.

World Conference on Religion Peace/PAK, Asian Conference on Religion Peace/PAK, Dr Habibur Rahman Khan
Thank you very much for your invitation on participation on 2000 World Conference against A H Bombs on August 2-9. Your committee is doing a tremendous job and we appreciate and value your efforts. Though I am not able to participate in your World Conference, we pray for your success more and more, as you are making the humanity conscience of the horrible effects that your people have already suffered.

National Youth League, Atiqur Rehma
We fully support for and solidarity with the 2000 World Conference. We highly appreciate the dedicated efforts made by the organizing committee for launching the conference. From the platform of Pakistan youth we highly support for action and cooperation for a nuclear free 21st century. The aim of conference is beneficial to the entire world, therefore not only participants but every one should make resistance against A & H Bombs, and make the 21st century free of Nuclear weapons. We are confident that the mutual action and co-operation at every corner will make the dream into truth.

Nevada-Semipalatinsk Movement, Zoya Simbirtseva,
We support the idea of nuclear disarmament, rehabilitation of the nuclear test suffers, restoration of ecology and economy of the nuclear test area. We agree that U.N. should adopt an international law on the protection of nuclear test victims.

Unit of peace and Accord of Semiplatinsk, Battuganova Sable
I want to make a motion about creation of International Law of defense victims (Hibakusha) of Atomic trial by United Nation Association. (UNA)

Club of International Friendship of Gymnasia No.2, Chernyahovsk Kaliningrad
We, the member of the Club of International Friendship of Gymnasia No.2 of Chernyahovsk greet you and all delegates of the conference with the opening of the 2000 World Conference against A and H Bombs.
We wish you great success in your work. We share your desire for a nuclear-free world and try to make our contribution to the efforts of abolition of nuclear weapons.

Rolandas Paksas, Mayor of Vilnius
To Participants of the World Conference To Abolish Nuclear Weaspons.
Centuries will not heal the wounds and will not assuage the grief suffered by the Japanese nation 55 years ago. The utilization of nuclear power against the people flew around the world with the strokes of bells as if calling everyone to keep alert and prevent the recurrence of the tragedy.
Not long ago, Lithuanian people were also painfully affected by the consequences of the accident at Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant. A part of our fellow-countrymen are still suffering from its after effects, which might predetermine the fate of more than a single generation. We are concerned with the safety of Ignalia Nuclear Power Plant operating in Lithuania.
On the eve of the 55th anniversary of the Hiroshima and Nagasaki tragedy, a Pillar of Peace was put up in Vilnius, a capital city of Lithuania. The inscription of the Pillar read: Let the Peace Be in the World. it is a gift to Lithuania from the Japanese non-governmental organization A Prayer for Peace in the World. This gift also reminds all of us that all the people of goodwill must stand together to protect the world from nuclear aggression or disasters of nuclear accidents.

Lithuanian Movement 鼎hernobyl, Robertas Mockapetris
The Lithuanian Chernobyl clean-up workers call themselves "Chernobyl Hibakusha". No more Hiroshima, no more Nagasaki, no more Chernobyl, no more Hibakusha.

Cyprus Peace Council, General Secretary, Donis Christofinis
On the 55th anniversary of the tragic Atomic-bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki by U.S. airforce, the Cyprus Peace Council extends to you and the people of Japan warm solidarity.
We join with you and the world-wide peace movement for the abolition of all nuclear weapons and banning of all nuclear tests.
On the threshold of the 21st century the Cyprus Peace Council joins with you and all peace loving people on Earth demanding peace and cooperation among all nations in the new century and new millennium. Demanding less arms and more development with respect to man and to the environment.
We wish you every success in your struggle against A and H bombs.

Maj. General KOSTAS KONSTANTINIDIS(Ret), Author-Journalist, Member of ex-NATO Generals for Peace & Disarmament
Dear Hibacusha, The nuclear weapons are indeed a Hybris in its most extreme form. According to the ancient Hellenic tragedy, Hybris is a great insult to the Gods, because it surpasses in the greatest caliber the human and natural capabilities to face the destiny.
The drop of the Atomic Bombs in Hiroshima and Nagasaki by the Americans surpassed any previous event in our planet, because the nuclear energy is a star's energy that happens in stars and the sun. That means that by having now 30,000 nuclear warheads,we have brought small Suns down on the Earth that threatens the humankind and the environment with full annihilation.
The scientist Robert Young in his book "From One Thousand more Brilliant" writes about the Hydrogen Bomb that produced temperature several million degrees, that exists only within the stars. Therefore, it is an ethical and moral bankruptcy to have stockpiled in our planet the equivalent of 2.5 tons of TNT for any human being. Thus, the best protection from nuclear weapons is not the antiballistic systems, but the destruction of all nuclear weapons.
I will repeat the memories of the American General Farrel that witnessed the explosion of the first atomic bomb: "All the landscape flooded in a carnivorous light, most times more powerful from the middle day sunlight.
After thirty seconds was heard the monstrous explosion, the pressure of air struck lethally men and material and echoed a titanic long and mourning roar, similar to that of the Second Existence.....This heavy thunder made us think that we the very small creatures with the blasphemous audacity, we bolded to shake the powers that until now they belonged to the Supreme Being....Only those that were there can describe the scene..." And Hibacusha were present when the bombs in Hiroshima and Nagasaki burned several thousand of innocent human beings and destroyed the life of survivors forever.
Therefore, we, the group of ex-NATO Generals & Admirals for Peace and Disarmament (Hellenic Section),demand:
1. From the U.S. and Japanese government to compensate the sufferers from the atomic bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.
2. From the International community to support the full destruction of nuclear weapons and the legitimate right for compensations of Hibacusha, in order in the future have : NO MORE HIROSHIMAS, NO MORE NAGASAKIS, NO MORE HIBACUSHA.

Gewaltfreie Aktiongruppe Dune
Our group sends our best wishes to the World Conference against A & H Bombs; your work is very important because mankind should never forget the crime against humanity that happened in Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

Der Pazifist, Heinz Rothenpieler
We are greeting you and all participants of the 2000 World Conference and wish you very successful meetings.
Your conference is a contribution of civil society for a peaceful world without atomic bombs. In the last months many VIPs have stressed the importance of engagement by civil society to the next steps of atomic disarmament. Your event will be a powerful sign respected all over the world.

Transnational Perspectives, Rene Wadlow
May I send, through you, my best wishes to all in the 2000 World Conference Against A and H bombs. It is important that we build upon the advances made at the recent NPT review. I believe that Japan my have some influence on India and Pakistan as fellow Asian States. I think that there are real possibilities to reduce tensions in the India-China-Pakistan triangle, and Japanese groups could play a useful role.

International Secretariat for European Security and Cooperation, Robert De Gendt
We continue to support your action and cooperation for a nuclear-free 21st century.

European Nuclear Test Ban Coalition (ENTBC), P. Pierart
We wish a exceptional success for the 2000 World Conference against A and H bombs and we hope hardly that a lot of countries will follow the propositions of the New Agenda Coalition (NAC)

Association des Etudiants pour la Prevention de la Guerre Nucleaire, P. Pierart
We wish the prevention of Nuclear war, a total ban and the elimination of Nuclear weapons, solidarity with the Hibakusha and Nuclear testing victims with you we commemorate the Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombing in the Hibakusha Park of the Mons university-(Belgium)

National secretary of the French Mouvement de la Paix, Daniel Durand,
My participation in 2000 in the World conference against A and H bombs bears several meanings. In this year 2000, proclaimed "International year for the culture of peace" by the United nations, Hiroshima and Nagasaki are indeed places where one must strongly state that the culture of peace is based on the complete rejection of the threat of the world annihilation by nuclear weapons! In order to say so, it was therefore natural that the French Mouvement de la Paix be represented by its coordinating national secretary. We do hope that the success of the Conference will help say powerfully to all nuclear power states, who have committed themselves "unequivocally" to eliminate their nuclear arsenals, at the NPT Conference, in New York, on May 19, 2000: "It is time to take action now!" From a personal point of view, for my first visit to Hiroshima and Nagasaki, it is with much emotion that I am looking forward to be paying tribute to the memory of their victims, and to express my solidarity to all those who still suffer in their flesh and spirit from the human barbarity of the 20th century.

International Nuclear Free Zone Local Authorities, Ken Wyatt
The unequivocal commitment to the elimination of nuclear weapons given by Britain, China, France, Russia and the USA, at the close of the Nuclear Non Proliferation Treaty Review Conference last May in New York should be welcomed by everyone. In the UN Secretary General's words it is "a significant step forward in humanity's pursuit of a world free of nuclear dangers." Now the nuclear powers must turn these pledges into action. The development, refinement and deployment of new nuclear weapons must stop. Nuclear weapon testing, either with or without test explosions, must stop. The production of all nuclear weapons' usable material must stop and negotiations must open on a Nuclear Weapon Convention to identify the path towards nuclear weapons reduction and elimination. The nuclear powers must demonstrate that they mean what they say.
We must insist on progress towards nuclear weapons abolition for the sake of all the innocent victims of nuclear weapons' use, the innocent victims of nuclear weapons' tests, the indigenous peoples who have seen their lands taken and despoiled for the extraction of uranium and the poor who suffer daily for want of basic necessities.
We have already paid a huge price in terms of wasted resources ($500 trillion according to some US sources) which could have otherwise contributed to global development. Whilst we have avoided the use of nuclear weapons since 1945 the cost in environmental degradation, resource depletion, radioactive pollution and resulting human misery continues to be enormous.
If the nuclear weapon states fail to act then the implications for us, as municipal leaders, is the jeopardising of all our efforts to develop safe and sustainable towns and cities in which future generations can flourish.
I am looking forward to joining your Conference, to learning from your many experts and informed speakers, and to identifying new opportunities for citizens and local governments to work together for a nuclear free future.

Abolition 2000 UK, Bruce Kent
Thank you for your annual events, warm hospitality and constant witness. Now that the nuclear powers have made an unequivocal commitment to the elimination of nuclear weapons they must be challenged. When will they set a date for negotiations to begin? The world must learn non-violent ways of settling conflict and getting rid of nuclear weapons is a first vital step.

Sussex Peace Alliance (SPA), George Farebrother
As Secretary of the Sussex Peace Alliance I had the good fortune to see your organisation's photo panels of "Damage and After-Effects of the Atomic Bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki" at a recent exhibition in our area. The panels attracted considerable interest and I am convinced that they deserve wider attention. The group organising the exhibition at Crawley has borrowed it from the National Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament in London who will eventually want the photographs returned. Clearly it would be very valuable for our part of England if we could use them in our own work. I understand that the World Conference is willing to supply more copies of the exhibition. We would therefore be very grateful if you could send a set of photo panels.

Nuclear Free Local Authorities, Stewart Kemp
Councillor Risby has asked me to convey to you his personal good wishes for a successful conference and to assure you of his determination to continue to work for peace and a nuclear free future. Perhaps it will be possible to record the good wishes of Councillor Bill Risby, Manchester City Council, in the list of messages, which you attach to your conference report.

Councillor Ian St. John, The Mayor of Rotherham
To Our Fellow Men and Women of All Colours, Race and Creeds
In 1945 the world appeared a very large place with international travel in its infancy, and only available to the wealthy.
Today the world is recognized to be small, nations have to co-exist with each other, and even ordinary people can travel to foreign countries.
The Mayor of Rotherham in South Yorkshire sends fraternal greetings to all delegates at this Conference and hopes that meeting together like this will promote peace and prosperity amongst all the peoples of the world; and that the use of Nuclear Weapons anywhere in our world becomes impossible.

If you know there are peoples who against nuclear mad, this is hope. We have hopes, because we know one day we will be success. We will give a new world to our childresn, our forests, our animals, our nature and world. Although we will not at Hiroshima and Nagasaki, our minds and hearts will be there. No more Hiroshimas. No more Nagasakis. No more Akkuyus ( which is name of the first Nuclear Power Station of Turkey).

Albuquerque center for Peace & Justice
Let us make this the year when we start on the path to do away with nuclear weapons! Let us demand a world conference on disarmament.

Dan I. Bolef
Dear, Dear friends and comrades in the Anti-Nuclear struggle: You have my greatest admiration for our persistent and ongoing fight to prevent nuclear war. You speak openly, perceptively and courageously on this issue, highlighting the criminal actions of the U.S. government and U.S. military (and the corporations that make huge profits on supplying the means of destruction) in refusing to sign a comprehensive test ban trusty, of making a mockery of nuclear non-proliferation, of continuing to develop substitute methods of nuclear testing, of encouraging after nations to nuclearize further in order to overcome our pretend Anti-missile system.

US Federation of Scholars & Scientists, Roger Dittmann
Nuclear disarmament (and disarmament in general) will remain a chimera until democratic world rule of law and planetary management make weapons useless, and counterproductive, useless for aggression, unnecessary for defense.

Genesee Valley Citizens for Peace
We must never rest until the last A bomb and H bomb has been safely destroyed.

Brandywine Peace Community, Robert M. Smith
Resist Lockheed Martin! The face war-making Today!!

People for Nuclear Disarmament (PND)
We want a world free of nuclear weapons, and hope this will be achieved during the 21st century.

Hiroshima/Nagasaki Peace Committee, John Steinbach and Louise Franklin-Ramirez
As grassroots activists against nuclear weapons and militarism for the past 25 years, we are looking forward to the upcoming World Conference with great expectation and excitement. The theme of the Conference "Action and Cooperation for a Nuclear-Free 21st Century" is timely and appropriate, given the serious challenges facing the world-wide movement for nuclear abolition.
At the Conference, we are anticipating a lively discussion and analysis of numerous serious issues, especially the critical need to develop an international strategy to reinvigorate and mobilize public opinion against nuclear weapons. Although public opinion polls show that an overwhelming majority supports nuclear abolition, the end of the Cold War, and the CTBT have created a widespread atmosphere of complacency towards nuclear weapons which has resulted in a dramatic falloff in activism and political pressure.
We hope that this conference will be a vehicle for renewed cooperation and coordination between and among the anti-nuclear movements of nations worldwide. We believe that only through the development of a unified global popular movement will we finally realize the dream and goal of the Hibakusha; a world free of the evil of nuclear weapons.

Former Livermore National Laboratory Researcher, Andreas Toupadakis
At the 2000 World Conference I want to meet people who bring new ideas and solutions to stop the tragic reality of nuclear war. I want to leave Japan with concrete plans and timeframes, knowing that I have joined with people from around the world who are willing to make sacrifices for peace in the future.
Within a very short time the tragic story of Hiroshima and Nagasaki must be known in every detail around the whole world. I want to join with survivors of Hiroshima and Nagasaki and people from other countries. We are activists who can move forward with vigor and determination to educate through schools and churches, to open the doors so that the public can understand that we must all act together in the name of humanity.
This program must proceed in greater fever than the fever that now exists working for war. The people around the world must have the chance to decide for themselves. The decisions must be taken in the open, not behind closed doors. Who has appointed these "protectors" working for the death of the world?

University of Panama, Prof. Pedro Salazar
Struggle for world peace and against nuclear arms and sites is a human responsibility.

Peace Concerned people of Nigeria, E.E. Onyetube
Dear friends, the entire world is hearing you. Do not lose hope, keep it up, God's favor is in your side.

International organizations
Mouvement Pour le Desarmement et la Paix des Fonctionnaires de l'Organisation des Nations Unies et des Institutions qui y sont Reliees (MFDP NU)/ United Nations and Related Agencies Staff Movement for Disarmament and Peace (UN SMDP)
General Secretary, Josephina Fraga Ribeiro, Vice-president, Konstantin A. Volkov
Every year, marking the painful anniversary of the criminal atomic bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, we have been reviewing the situation of nuclear disarmament in the world, in particular the developments, if any, in the UN Conference on Disarmament in Geneva.
This year, the 55th anniversary is commemorated in a most alarming international political environment:
in the UN Conference on Disarmament, there has been no progress whatsoever in the field of nuclear disarmament,
the United States's recent military tests, threatening the existing international agreements, may result, very soon, in an unprecedented nuclear arms race, with unforeseeable consequences.
We believe that, in these circumstances, the only attitude to be adopted by the peace-loving movements is to intensify worldwide struggle for nuclear disarmament, ensuring that the world public at large is better than up to now kept regularly and truthfully informed of all developments in the field of nuclear arms. Indeed, only in close cooperation with informed public the deadly nuclear dangers threatening humanity can be eliminated.

Women's International Democratic Federation, Rosemarie Sinniger
As it is impossible to be present with all of you, do accept my best wishes for your meeting, with all my hopes that the forces of peace will be a strong wall against all types of bombs and weapons. My thoughts are with you, wishing that peace will stay in the Japanese sky and all the blue planet, Hiroshima and Nagasaki.